Tyler Henry, Of ‘Hollywood Medium,’ Will Give Gigi Gorgeous The Closure That She Needs

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Tyler Henry is coming back for another season of Hollywood Medium and he is going to give Gigi Gorgeous the closure that she has been looking for. E! Online shared the details about what will happen when Gigi has a reading with Tyler.

It will be a 360 VR Experience reading, and right away, Tyler will start to hear from Gigi’s mother. Of course, this is who she was hoping to hear from in the reading. Gigi talked about how a year after her mom passed, she started seeing ladybugs in her home. It turns out that this was her mother’s way of trying to get through to talk to her, but of course, she didn’t understand it or know what to do.

Another thing was that Gigi Gorgeous didn’t get to say the exact goodbye she wanted to her mom before she passed away. It turns out that Gigi’s mom feels like they had their moment and she is okay with it, considering that her mom seems to think this was their moment, too. Sometimes you don’t really know how the other one felt and Gigi is getting to hear that because of Tyler.

After the loss of someone important to you, it is hard to get through it and move on. Gigi Gorgeous getting the chance to talk to her mother through Tyler Henry seems to be just what she needed. Another thing that Gigi is upset about is not getting the chance to tell her mom that she is transgender, but it seems like that wasn’t as big of a deal as she thought it was to her mom. Tyler made sure that she knows that her mom understood and already knew more than she realized. You can see this entire reading on the video in this article.

This season on Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry is going to connect with various celebrities, including Teresa Giudice and Chrissy Metz. This is going to be a season full of great readings. He will even connect with Michael Jackson for his sister, Latoya.

Don’t miss the new season of Hollywood Medium with several celebrities trying to reconnect with their families through Tyler Henry. The new season premieres on E! on February 28, 2018.