NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears A Possible Destination For Jarvis Landry, Says Ian Rapoport

It is safe to list the Chicago Bears as one of the teams which are interested in Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry.’s Ian Rapoport listed the Bears as a possible destination for Jarvis Landry, whose days with the Dolphins may be over.

NFL teams can discuss and agree on trades as the offseason is beginning to kick into high gear. The Bears are among the NFL teams looking to be active and aggressive during this time. Adding depth in key positions is on the Bears offseason agenda as the days to the NFL draft draw closer.

Enter Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins. Acquiring Jarvis Landry via trade is the Chicago Bears’ best option, as he is not expected to land on the NFL free agency market.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Miami Dolphins had placed an NFL franchise tag (according to ESPN) on Jarvis Landry. While he is free to agree to terms with an NFL team, the Dolphins can receive that team’s first-round draft pick if Landry signs elsewhere.

Also, the Dolphins can choose to match any offer Jarvis Landry accepts. This gives the Dolphins some leverage in contract negotiations, although trading Jarvis Landry appears most sensible at this point.

Is Jarvis Landry a match with the Chicago Bears?

Last season the Chicago Bears suffered on offense due to a lack of playmakers. Jarvis Landry is regarded as one of the best young playmakers in football. He would help the Bears tremendously.

Two of the Bears’ top wide receivers, Cameron Meredith and Kevin White, were handed season-ending injuries. Even with a healthy Meredith and White on hand, the Bears were in need of an upgrade at the position due to a couple of factors. The Bears go into this offseason with even more concerns.

Cameron Meredith was starting to turn into a solid option at wideout with the Bears. Thanks to a breakout season in 2016, the next step was the hope for him. However, Cameron Meredith went undrafted as a rookie, and he does not have a proven resume as a pass-catcher.

When the Chicago Bears added Meredith to the roster, he was undergoing a conversion from quarterback to wide receiver. The Bears need a proven receiver to help them as they continue to develop Meredith.

A season-ending Injury robbed Cameron Meredith another year of development.

Kevin White has yet to stay healthy for more than a few games with the Chicago Bears. White will enter his fourth season coming off another injury.

While the Bears are hoping that Kevin White can finally be healthy enough to develop, they cannot rely on him. Having someone such as Jarvis Landry diminishes the pressure the Bears would have in forcing him the football.

Without both Cameron Meredith and Kevin White to haul in passes, the Chicago Bears struggled to gain any consistency. The potential of adding a receiver with Jarvis Landry’s skill set could help the Bears get back on the right track.

Jarvis Landry has the speed and playmaking ability that the Chicago Bears covet this offseason. It is unclear whether or not Landry is a true No. 1 passing target, but for a team such as the Bears, he would get the nod. In the end, it will come down to the asking price of the Miami Dolphins.

Relinquishing a first-round pick for Jarvis Landry is a non-starter for the Chicago Bears. Also, since the Bears do not have a third-round pick, they may be not interested in trading away their second rounder, which is No. 39. The Bears could offer the Dolphins fourth-round pick from this year’s draft, along with a conditional pick next offseason.

The Bears will not be the only team going after Jarvis Landry. The Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans were listed with the Bears as NFL teams which will target the Dolphins’ star. What needs to be factored in is where would Jarvis Landry want to play.

Preference could help the Chicago Bears. With the Bears, Jarvis Landry immediately becomes the top target. The same can also be said about the Titans, which made the playoffs last season. The Bears boast a quarterback on the rise and an offensive-minded head coach in Matt Nagy. Either scenario can tip the scales for Jarvis Landry, who could thrive with the Bears or Titans.

As for the Miami Dolphins, applying the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry ensures that they can receive some compensation if he signs elsewhere. This could lessen the Dolphins’ asking price, thus opening the door for a team such as the Chicago Bears to make a trade offer.

Because the Chicago Bears has two fourth-round picks, the Bears could emerge as a strong possibility to become Jarvis Landry’s next NFL team.

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