Meghan Markle’s Secret Exposed: She’s The Anonymous Author Of Soul-Baring Blog

Meghan Markle has a secret diary and it was posted online some years ago. The entries were written in a confessional style so it revealed her deepest thoughts and feelings about things she personally experienced. She wrote everything candidly so it was a very interesting read.

Now, her previous posts are getting much attention today because it was just recently when people discovered that she was the author of the blog. At that time, the writer was unknown because the stories were written anonymously.

Apparently, the blog was Meghan Markle’s secret diary and it was there where she vented her frustrations and disappointments while working as a rookie actress. The blog entry entitled “The Working Actress,” which she wrote many years ago, has especially attracted many people because of its contents.

The blog chronicled her life as a young Hollywood actress who has been working her way up in the business. She mentioned many struggles that she experienced along the way and they were quite painful for her. On the lighter side, she wrote about her triumphs as she pushed her way up in the very challenging world of entertainment business.

As per Daily Mail, in several blog posts, Meghan Markle fearlessly divulged the darker side of Hollywood. Through her stories, one can easily see that being in the limelight is not that glamorous at all. In fact, for the most part, it is an ugly workplace where people step on each other to get ahead.

According to Daily Mail, the future princess mentioned about “tyrannical casting directors” and “b**chy rivals” that she often had to compete with to get a role. The 36-year-old actress also revealed that there were also producers who do not care about their artists.

In fact, those hustling producers treated their cast members like “show ponies.” She said that there were times when those executives hired a doctor so that they can be injected with vitamins that will make them work non-stop until the shoot finishes.

Meghan further shared that because of the hardships she went through, at some point, she even cried for hours.

“I’ve had to freeze my acting union membership, borrow money, work jobs that I hated, endure being treated like s***, kiss actors with smelly breath and cry for hours on end because I just didn’t think I could take it anymore,” she wrote.

Prince Harry’s fiancée also posted some mischievous stories. One example was an entry where she asked her fans to read about “the girl with the magical boobs,” and she was probably referring to herself as the “girl” in the story.

The former Suits actress is marrying Britain’s Prince Harry in May so she will become a member of the royal family very soon. Thus, it is understandable why stories about her past are being dug up. At any rate, according to Daily Star, the blog is no longer active and the site signed off in 2012.