Adele Explains Secret Baby Name, Dishes On Golden Globe Win

Singer Adele’s watershed album 21 is the gift that keeps on giving, and the golden-voiced new mom recently discussed her freshest set of accolades as well as the why behind her decision to keep the name of her son — born two weeks after the release of the film Skyfall, to which she lent her vocals — a secret from the press, at least for now.

Adele’s Golden Globes win came as a surprise to the singer, and she says that while Grammys are an honor, the Globes were a shock. Speaking to Parade on her win at the awards ceremony, the chanteuse explains why the honor was such a big deal to her, saying she doesn’t consider the genre to be part of her arena:

“It’s absolutely amazing and quite a thrill and quite hilarious because it is not my field. Although it is mind-boggling to win Grammys, but many amazing actors have these awards so it is very weird, but incredible … I feel a little bit kind of overexcited.”

Adele also admits that the Golden Globes held additional significance to her — it was the first break she’s had from diaper duty since her son was born in October!

“It’s my first night out since I had my child. And my inspiration normally comes from heartbreak, but I don’t think I am going to have get devastated again, so that’s good.”

And in the three months since Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki first met the baby, the pair have managed to keep his given name under wraps — quite a feat for someone as internationally notable as the soulful singer.


But she says that not disclosing the boy’s name is a way for her to keep part of her family life to herself, explaining:

“I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me and I just want to enjoy him at the moment.”

Despite being just a few months out from having a baby, Adele looked understatedly great in a flowy black gown at her first official appearance to accept her Skyfall honor.