Could Jill Duggar Be Pregnant? Fans Speculate Over Recent Social Media Posts

Joy-Anna Duggar is anticipating the birth of her first child to take place at any moment. While bringing a child into the world can be a joyous time during where plenty of attention is paid to the new mother, fans of TLC’s hit series Counting On have shifted their attention to Joy-Anna’s older sister.

Jill Duggar seems to have fallen out of favor among show fanatics. Though she is still certainly a part of the family, her marriage has already been documented on the show. The primary focus of Counting On currently seems to be on the younger Duggar children who are either engaged, courting, or looking for a relationship. Additionally, Jill has, to some extent, been forced to distance herself from the show thanks to her husband, Derick Dillard.

A previous Inquisitr article recounted the events which led to the falling out between the Dillard family and the TLC network. The article mentions that the rift between the two parties came about due to some trans-phobic comments Derick had made regarding fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. Dillard, who has previously claimed transgenderism to be a myth, stated in November of last year that he believed the network was taking advantage of Jazz, and he remarked on Twitter that he believed that America was in need of unity, which he apparently believed I Am Jazz to be preventing. As a result, the Dillard couple has been forced to step away from Counting On.

Since her life will no longer be covered in-depth on TLC’s popular television series, dedicated fans have taken to the internet to get the scoop on what Jill has been up to. While she has been flooding her social media pages with pictures of herself and her husband, internet sleuths have taken interest in a particular recent post on her Instagram page.

The black-and-white image features the 26-year-old Duggar daughter holding Samuel, her youngest son, in one arm. While this wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary, Jill curiously tagged the post with a “babies” hashtag. Since only one baby was featured in the picture, fans have been wondering if this unnecessary pluralization may be a subtle hint at an upcoming pregnancy announcement from the couple.

This could certainly be thought of as nothing more than a small error, and Jill may not have intended to include any hidden meaning with this post. Yet, some have speculated that the second-eldest Duggar girl could be avoiding making any announcements until the birth of Joy-Anna’s first child, which, as previously mentioned, could happen at any moment. While it is unfortunate that Counting On viewers likely won’t hear much from TLC on the subject, there is always a chance that the network may one day reintegrate the couple into the program.

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