‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Finale Shocker – Last HoH Will Evict Two Celeb Houseguests!

Bill InoshitaCBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM radio morning show offered a big hint from Julie Chen on a game-changing twist for Sunday’s finale. On tonight’s Big Brother episode, Friday, February 23, there’s a double eviction, although half the houseguests seem oblivious to what’s ahead. The math doesn’t lie, and with the finale just three days away and seven houseguests lounging around the CBB US house, a DE is a done deal.

Who Goes Home Tonight?

CBB US spoilers reveal what live feed watchers already know. Ariadna won the Power of Veto and used it on herself. Mark ignored Ross’ suggestion to nominate Omarosa in her place, and the HoH put up Marissa to join Brandi on the chopping block. James is Mark’s ride or die and wants Brandi out the door. There doesn’t seem to be any voting scenario where that doesn’t happen. The voters for the first live eviction tonight are Ariadna, James, Ross, and Omarosa, with Mark weighing in on a tie.

No way will Ariadna vote against Brandi, but Ross definitely will because he wants to save Marissa. James wants Brandi out at all costs, so he’s definitely voting to evict the Real Housewives star. If Omarosa votes to evict Brandi, then the blond bombshell is gone. If she votes for Marissa and ties it up, it will get thrown to Mark, who should vote in lock-step with James and evict Brandi. Unless Marissa runs amok in the house today, there’s no way that she shouldn’t be safe from part one of the live eviction tonight.

Who Will Win HoH?

Given that it’s a two-hour episode and two evictions to go, the HoH comp must be a fast one. Everyone’s been waiting for the True-False comp, and tonight could be the night. The other big recurring comp viewers have yet to see in Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is the slip and slide. As an endurance comp, there’s no time for it on tonight’s live eviction. There may be no slippery comp this season if it’s too much of an insurance liability issue given the older age of the cast.

Look for a True-False comp tonight, and the players will be James, Ariadna, Omarosa, Ross, and Marissa, with Mark sidelined. Marissa and Ross have been studying since they came into the house, and Omarosa is astute. Ariadna has brains and beauty, so she also can’t be discounted. James will be playing hard and has proven he’s clever, too. The second HoH is anyone’s game. If James, Ross or Marissa win, expect to see Omarosa and Ariadna on the block.

PoV Comp And Julie Chen Shocker

The Power of Veto comp must also be a rapid one. OTEV might not take too long and hasn’t been seen yet in CBB US. It’s messy but pretty fast. Zingbot also hasn’t been seen yet. The BB Comics is a perennial favorite, but that takes way too long for tonight’s fast-paced episode. If we get to see it at all this season, look for it on the finale. Big Brother might have a new comp fans have never seen, but that would be disappointing for the celebrity super fans who like the classics.

On the EW SiriusXM show today, Julie dropped the bomb that the final HoH would evict two houseguests to narrow down the field for the vote. Usually, it’s three going into the last HoH, and the winner of the three-part HoH comp sends someone packing, so they decide who will sit beside them. This time it looks like they’ll send two HGs packing to pick their finale opponent, so this is a bit of a different game than BB fans usually see.

Double Eviction Tonight and Finale Sunday

After tonight’s double eviction, the Celebrity Big Brother body count left in the house will be five. With two episodes left after tonight, according to the official schedule, count on action only on Sunday. It’s likely that Saturday’s show will be the customary montage episode where everyone sips champagne and reminisces via prompts from production. There shouldn’t be any gameplay during that episode unless CBS is drastically breaking the mold.

Sunday night’s Celebrity Big Brother finale starts with five celebrity HGs and lots of tense gameplay crammed into the last episode, which runs two hours. Don’t forget to vote for America’s Favorite Player on CBS’ site, Kik, and Skype. Watch CBS tonight, Saturday, and then Sunday for the finale of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Check back here often for last-minute Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.