Blac Chyna says Woman In New Sex Tape Is Not Her, But A Look-Alike

Jae HongAP Images

Blac Chyna is using the Shaggy defense “Wasn’t Me,” in response to a new sex tape that has emerged featuring a woman who looks a lot like her, down to the same full-body tattoos. The sex tape in question is not the one which dropped last week with singer Mechie, but a new one that surfaced this week. Now, Lisa Bloom, a lawyer for Blac Chyna, is firing off cease and desist letters to anyone who distributes this newest alleged sex tape using the name “Blac Chyna.”

Blac Chyna Is Saying That This Week’s Sex Tape Features A Blac Chyna Imposter

The timing of these two new sex tapes is not a good thing for Blac Chyna who continues to grapple with Rob Kardashian in a child custody battle over their daughter, Dream. Kardashian had already accused Blac Chyna of heavy drug use and bringing other strippers back to their home to party when the child was in the house.

“They claim the night before the incident, Chyna was using coke and drinking alcohol from morning till night. They say later that night Chyna and Rob went to a strip club and Chyna got a stripper to come home with them.”

Kardashian’s legal papers allege that Blac Chyna continues to show poor judgment regarding substance abuse and the company she keeps around their child.

Though The Woman In The Video Has The Same Build And Same Body Tattoos, Blac Chyna Says It Isn’t Her

TMZ says that Blac Chyna admits that the woman in the newest tape being marketed as a Blac Chyna sex tape is the spitting image of her, but it’s not her. This newest video is thirteen minutes, and it’s grainy, but the woman in the video being featured under the name Blac Chyna shows a woman with identical body tattoos to Blac Chyna.

“The new video shows a woman with Chyna’s skin tone, body type and hairstyle engaging in sexual intercourse with an African-American man. The woman has several tattoos on her body, just like Chyna.”

Friends of Blac Chyna admit that the woman in the grainy tape looks a lot like Blac Chyna, but it’s “absolutely” not her.

The Legal Team For Blac Chyna Is Getting Death Threats

Blac Chyna’s legal team, headed by Lisa Bloom has fired off over twenty cease and desist letters to porn sites which are distributing the new porn tape using the name Blac Chyna. Bloom and company are also trying to stop the distribution of the Blac Chyna sex tape with Mechie which surfaced last week.

But Daily Mail says that Lisa Bloom and Blac Chyna’s other lawyer, Walter Mosley have gotten a lot of heat for representing Blac Chyna in this matter. Bloom and Mosley have received violent death threats, and have now turned the matter over to the LAPD.