Alleged Duggar Family Friend Reveals On Reddit That Anna Duggar Is Miserable In Her Marriage

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Reddit’s 19 Kids and Counting subreddit is abuzz with activity over the fact that someone who claims to know the Duggar family is answering questions about them. This is the second time in a few months this has happened; however, the moderator of the subreddit claims that this person has been verified as friends with the mega-clan.

The person, who is known by the alias annalove178, has been answering questions on the subreddit for the past 24 hours or so, telling users they could “ask her anything.”

One asked her about the marriages of the older Duggar siblings, and she stated that Anna Duggar is totally miserable and she’s not sure if she’s unhappy in her marriage or not. According to the insider, Anna Duggar only ever seems happy when she’s with her kids. At first, annalove178 noted that she was very happy when she married Josh. Now, however, she often gets “judgemental stares” from people or has fans directly ask her about why she’s still married to her husband.

Annalove178 also stated that Josh Duggar has always been slightly “creepy” when it comes to how he talks to women. The reality star is constantly “eyeing up” other women when they are out, which might make Anna slightly uncomfortable.

Fans of the Duggar family and Counting On will know that Anna Duggar’s husband, Josh Duggar, was fired from the show in 2015 after it came to light that he had molested five young women as a teen, with four of them being his own sisters. Although Anna chose to stick by him after the public revelation, she also chose to stick by him after he was exposed for cheating on her with prostitute and using the website Ashley Madison to find women to cheat on her with.

Many have wondered why Anna Duggar didn’t leave Josh when the news came to light, but it seems she has decided to stick it out. Not only that, but Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar had a baby after the news broke and he returned from his “Christ-centered” rehab. Although Josh does not appear on the show, Anna will sometimes make an appearance.