Jax Taylor Slams People Who Try To Gain Fame From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ After Just A Few Minutes Of Airtime

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images for boohoo.com

Jax Taylor has been on Vanderpump Rules since the very beginning and he has been through a rough period while being in front of the cameras. This Vanderpump Rules star has been caught cheating, yelling at women, betraying his friends, and sleeping with his friends’ girlfriends. Despite everything he has been through, Taylor remains close to Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, and his co-stars. It’s clear that Jax is proud to be on the show with his friends and he seems interested in promoting his friends’ business ventures so they can be successful. However, Taylor isn’t happy about people, who are trying to gain fame from being on Vanderpump Rules for a few minutes. On Twitter, he decided to speak out about certain people without giving any names.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now slamming people who believe they are stars of Vanderpump Rules despite not being a regular cast member. He didn’t mention any names but it sounds like he’s going after people who have listed the show as being a television show they have been on. Of course, there are people who work at SUR who have never filmed an episode of the show before. There are people who work for Lisa Vanderpump who do not want to be on the show. Over the years, people have fallen in love with the people on the show, and it has become about the people and not about SUR. Jax had an interesting response.

“Lisa’s swans have more airtime than some of the people that claim to be on our show…,” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter, hinting that he isn’t happy with some people about the way they are using the show to promote their own things.

It’s uncertain who he’s talking about but it’s clear he’s not happy about it. Of course, Taylor doesn’t have the best season this year, as he was caught cheating on Brittany Cartwright. He admitted to the affair early in the season and he’s working hard to build back the trust he had lost. Brittany decided to give him a second chance, but it wasn’t easy for her to make that decision.

Jax Taylor is currently a returning cast member on Vanderpump Rules and he has revealed that he’s not too happy about the way he’s looking on this season.