Actor Who Played Smith Jerrod On ‘SATC’ Throws Major Shade At Kim Cattrall, Admits He Is ‘Team Sarah’

Stephen Lovekin/Jemal CountesGetty Images

Another cast member of Sex and the City has declared their loyalty to “Team Sarah.” Jason Lewis portrayed Samantha Jones’ boy-toy Smith Jerrod in the series and movie franchise, and despite his connection with Kim Cattrall on set, it seems his loyalties lie with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lewis came on the Sex and the City scene in 2003 and played the handsome waiter-turned-actor who somewhat stole the heart of publicist Samantha Jones. Despite only appearing in 16 episodes, Lewis’ character became a fan-favorite boyfriend on the series, which saw its fair share of men.

The actor had a major role in the first Sex and the City movie, as he and Samantha were living on the West Coast to further his acting career. Things didn’t work out for the couple, as Samantha admitted her first love would always be herself.

However, Smith Jerrod showed up for a few scenes in Sex and the City 2 when he asked Samantha to be his date to a movie premiere. Fans of the series and movies hoped he would somehow make a cameo in the franchise’s third film, but with the recent feud between Parker and Cattrall, the film may not happen at all.

Lewis recently sat down with KTLA to promote his new film Half Magic but was asked many questions about the popular feud before diving into his new movie. When the host asked Lewis how he felt about the Kim-versus-Sarah drama, it was hard for the actor to keep the smirk off his face.

When asked if he had a thought about the recent drama, he smiled and answered with a brief “mmhmm” as he sipped his water.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all ” he added with another laugh.

Lewis then admitted Parker was always lovely on set and hinted that Cattrall should be more gracious to her former co-star for what Parker had given her. He then said again that he had nothing good to say and stopped himself from saying anything negative about his former on-screen love interest.

The host then asked if Lewis was “Team Sarah” or “Team Kim,” to which he chose the former. He continued to compliment Parker and said she was always “so good” to him. Lewis was then asked if other people on set were not as good to him, alluding to Cattrall, which Lewis threw major shade by saying “Sarah was amazing.”

The panel of hosts laughed, as it was apparent Lewis didn’t have the best time on set with Cattrall.

The fate of Sex and the City 3 is still in the air, but fans of Smith Jerrod can see Lewis’s new comedy Half Magic with Heather Graham which hits theaters tomorrow.

Lewis’s full interview can be found below.