NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Emerging As Darkhorse Candidate To Land LeBron James, Players And Pundits Hint

Kirk IrwinGetty Images

The NBA rumors around LeBron James are taking a new turn, with fellow NBA players indicating that the Philadelphia 76ers could be a destination and pundits hinting that he may already be looking at the City of Brotherly Love.

The future of LeBron has been a hot topic for more than a year, with widespread reports that he will test free agency after the 2018 season ends and could end up with a “decision” that rivals his move to the Miami Heat in the summer of 2010. While many reports have centered on LeBron’s reported interest in moving his family to Los Angeles, there is a new candidate emerging in Philadelphia.

This week, ESPN conducted a poll of fellow players about where LeBron will end up next year. While the Cleveland Cavalier and Los Angeles Lakers made up the bulk of the answers, some also believed that he could end up in the budding contender in Philadelphia to play alongside Joel Embiid. It’s not clear exactly how many players voted for the Sixers, but the fact that his fellow players believe LeBron could stay in the Eastern Conference would seem to carry more weight when combined with other recent reports.

Some of that push is coming from within the Sixers organization, FanSided’s Sixers Sense reported. Bret Stuter reported that former No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons is making a heavy push for LeBron to join the team. The report noted that LeBron and Simmons have a close relationship, and that LeBron has taken the 21-year-old under his wing.

Other NBA rumors indicate that LeBron James may already be actively scouting the Philadelphia area. A report from Cavs Nation claimed that James and his family have been looking at schools in the area, which would seem to show a heavy interest. Previous reports indicated that James and family had already done the same in Los Angeles, where they already live in the offseason.

It can often be difficult to sort fact from speculation when it comes to LeBron James, but the rumors about his next NBA destination will likely only continue to grow as the season progresses.