New Living Concept Art Revealed For ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Resort At Walt Disney World

Danny Cox

A lot of the Walt Disney World hype right now is on Toy Story Land opening this summer, but Star Wars fans are going to keep waiting to see what is coming for them. It has been confirmed that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open sometime in 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but there is even more. The Star Wars-themed resort is coming to WDW as well, and now there is new living concept art that shows just how immersed you’ll be when you stay there.

It was officially announced at the D23 Expo last summer, and it shocked the world, as no one saw it coming. Just a couple of weeks ago at the D23 Expo Japan, Disney revealed that the new resort would “seamlessly connect” to Hollywood Studios for a huge experience from the hotel itself to Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney has made it no secret that the resort is going to be an experience unlike any other, as it will take you on a journey from arrival to departure. Guests will dress in costume, see characters walking around, and venture off into a galaxy far, far away to escape the real world.

One of the cool things was that looking out of windows in the resort wouldn’t show sunny Florida, but it would make one believe they were truly in space. On Thursday, the Disney Parks Blog gave a first look at living concept art to show guests just how insanely awesome it will be.

The first video shows a piece of concept art that was originally released at the D23 Expo last year. It is one that shows guests either in a room or an elevator of some sort, but now, it has come to life and shows other ships moving around and past them in the galaxy.

This new version is moving and that is the most noticeable difference, but it has also now received a different color scheme and look. Here is the original version that Disney released last July.

Featured image credit: Danny Cox

The second piece of living concept art shows a guest room with bunk beds for the kids, but it features a window looking out at the stars and planets. It almost seems as if the guests are hovering above Earth, but that could be any planet in the Star Wars universe.

This goes to show that you won’t see the Walt Disney World surroundings when looking out your room windows. Don’t expect a lot of Disney characters or other parks to be seen, as this is going to be something that is meant to put you into the Star Wars franchise and keep you there for the duration of your stay.

Guests are still going to enjoy Walt Disney World and all that comes with it when they visit and stay at the Star Wars-themed resort, but it will be much more than that. This resort hotel is going to be a trip and experience in itself, and the living concept art details only a small portion of it. With a seamless connection to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this is going to be unlike anything anyone has ever experienced and an endless journey to the unknown.