‘Outlander’ Star Sophie Skelton Spotted Filming Season 4, Co-Stars And Costume Drop Major Spoilers

Production for Season 4 of Outlander is fully underway. We’ve already seen leaked photos of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on set in Glasgow, Scotland, but new pics of Sophie Skelton as Brianna may have leaked the biggest spoiler yet.

According to International Business Times, Skelton was spotted wearing a gown on the set of Outlander. The costume is a huge hint that Brianna will travel back in time in Season 4 to reunite with her mom, Claire (Balfe), and father, Jamie (Heughan).

Last season, Claire spent twenty years in the future raising Brianna before jumping back in time to reunite with Jamie, who had actually survived the Battle of Culloden. Based on the new photos, it looks like Brianna will be following in her mother’s footsteps next season, though when that will take place in the season is still unknown.

Although Brianna may travel back in time in Season 4, that doesn’t guarantee that she’ll meet up with her parents. At the end of Season 3, Jamie and Claire found themselves on the shores of the American colonies.

That means that Brianna will have a lot of traveling to do once she reaches her parent’s time period, though her American education should serve her well in the days to come. Of course, there’s also the question of what becomes of Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) and how much screen time he and Brianna will share next season.

Skelton recently revealed that her character will see a lot more action in the upcoming season. She also assured fans that Brianna’s relationship with Roger will develop more as the show progresses.

“But from the book, we do know that we see Brianna go back in time, which will be brilliant, to get to work with everyone,” Skelton explained. “We see Brianna go through a lot of harrowing events, and how she deals with them. We see a lot more of Brianna and Roger and their relationship developing. There will be a lot more action for Brianna in season four, which will be great.”

In addition to the huge Brianna spoiler, fans caught a glimpse of Nell Hudson on the set in Scotland. Hudson plays the part of the unfriendly Laoghaire MacKenzie, and it looks like her character will be back in action for another season.

Laoghaire also appears older in the photos, which were posted on Twitter, and fans can expect an interesting reaction once she finds out that Jamie is living with Claire in America.

The cast and crew of Outlander are currently filming on sets in Cluross, Scotland. Fans continue to flood Twitter with photos from the set, so more spoilers about the coming season are bound to be released in the coming weeks.

Starz has not released an official premiere date for Season of Outlander. The hit series is expected to return to the network sometime this coming fall.

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