‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Watch Carl Say Good-Bye In Heart-Breaking Leaked Photos

The Walking Dead finally returns to AMC this week to wrap up Season 8. Although there is a lot of things to look forward to, it’s going to be hard saying goodbye to Carl (Chandler Riggs) in the midseason premiere. Luckily, new spoilers offer a look at what Carl’s heart-breaking farewell might look like.

According to Rolling Stone, we first learned about Carl’s zombie bite when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) returned to Alexandria after starting his war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Rick came home to discover that Carl had been bitten by a walker on his stomach.

Although the screen went to black before we learned more about Carl’s fate, it’s clear that he won’t be around past the midseason premiere. But fans don’t have to wait until Sunday night to see Carl’s goodbye.

Producers just released a slew of images that show Carl’s final days in Alexandria. The photos were presumably taken right after Carl was bitten, which means the midseason premiere will feature his goodbye in the form of flashbacks.

Fortunately, the photos reveal that Carl had some time to process what was going to happen to him. Not only did he take time to write letters in a journal, but Riggs recently revealed that some of his writings will teach Rick invaluable lessons down the road.

“Episode 809 is really Carl trying to teach Rick as much as he can about what he’s learned and trying to convince Rick to not kill every single Savior because there’s still good people out there… there’s some humanitarian aspects that Carl is going to try and teach Rick in his final moments,” Riggs explained.

Although Rick is busy fighting Negan and all three communities are at risk of being destroyed, Carl got the chance to spend some quality time with Judith before the end.

A few pictures show Carl and Judith playing together in Alexandria and taking the time to snap a few selfies together. Judith is too young to realize what is happening, but at least she’ll have a few memories of her brother that she can hold on to when she gets older.

While a lot of the photos hint that Carl is at peace with his fate, one of the images shows Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) carrying him out of a burning building in Alexandria.

The scene is presumedly after Negan and his men have gone, and we can only hope that Carl finds a calmer place for his last moments on Earth.

That brings us to the last photo, which shows Carl on a cot inside what looks like the sewers. It isn’t clear how the party of three made it to the sewers after what happened in the midseason finale, but it looks like Carl will get one last chance to say goodbye to those he loves before the end.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday night.

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