Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Turns Mean Towards Her Pals When Playing Poker, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Ellen DeGeneres is loved by many. She’s great on TV and people can tell that she has an amazing relationship with her close friends as well as her wife, Portia de Rossi. Although her marriage to the Australia native has been plagued by different controversies, the couple has proved it wrong many times. However, it seems that the talk show host is only nice in public as recent reports suggest that she can be really mean to her friends when they’re up to something serious — poker!

A source recently told Radar Online that Ellen DeGeneres loses her temper when it comes to playing poker with her friends. It is said that she is extremely choosy about the people that she invites to her home to play. She invites her talk show’s top executives and staffs as well as her A-list friends including Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Melissa Etheridge, and Olivia Munn. Not only does she get very focused on the game, but she can get “very dark” too, according to the insider.

The source went on to say that there was one instance during a recent game when one of her visitors was unable to keep up with the massive pots that can reportedly reach up to hundreds of dollars, and Ellen DeGeneres was already fuming. The insider said that the talk show host even accused her guest of ruining her game.

“Ellen’s VERY serious about the game. When she loses her temper, people are terrified!”

According to the source, Ellen DeGeneres was screaming which scared her visitors. One spy described it as watching a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation. The insider added that it was terrifying to see her with such bad temper as she became a monster. The guest decided to leave the house to avoid any further embarrassment.

Following these reports, fans are now convinced that Ellen DeGeneres can be really mean when she loses her temper. There was a previous report from Life & Style Weekly that the 60-year-old Queen of Talk’s “controlling ways” over Portia de Rossi, 45, can lead to their divorce. According to the source, her marriage has hit a snag when the talk show host started to control or manage her wife’s personal and career life.

As what Radar Online previously reported, Ellen DeGeneres has an “unpredictable mood swings” that caused some of her show’s staffs to resign. They even call her Queen Ellen supposedly because of her dictatorial ways. One staff said that working on the show was just like “walking on eggshells.”

Another source also said that Ellen DeGeneres is far from being the darling on TV. The insider added that she is not the adorable lady as what everyone sees her.

Ellen DeGeneres currently hosts her syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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