Disney’s Elsa Steps In To Save The Day After No One Shows Up To A Little Girl’s Birthday Party

Danny Cox

There are children around the world who look up to different role models for advice, motivation, hope, and inspiration, but sometimes, those role models become true heroes. A young girl named Leyana recently had a birthday party at her home in Colorado, but it didn’t quite turn out as she expected or hoped it would. Thinking it may be the worst day of her young life, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen stepped in and absolutely saved the day.

Leyana and her mom handed out invitations to a lot of her friends at school a week before her birthday party. Everyone in her first-grade class received an invitation to come and have a good time, but when the time came for her party, absolutely no one showed up at the family’s apartment.

According to KDVR, Leyana’s mother said her daughter had been dreaming of her birthday party for months and even dressed up for the part. She put on a pretty white dress with ruffles and waited anxiously for her classmates and friends to arrive.

Unfortunately, no one did and it left 7-year-old Leyana devastated. Her mother said “it was horrible. It hurts. It hurts your heart.”

The pizzas got cold and the birthday cake went back into the refrigerator, untouched. It seemed like the worst day imaginable, but someone ended up arriving and she really did make things better.

Lindsay Robert portrays the role of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen for birthday parties and other events as she works for Royally Enchanted Princess & Character Parties. She has been to numerous parties during her time as the iconic character, but she had never seen anything like what she saw at Leyana’s party.

“It was soul crushing. When I open the door, I’m used to all the kids running up to me. But she was just all by herself. Just looking down. Just so sad and she just launched herself into my arms.”

Elsa didn’t even bat an eye at the fact that no other children showed up for the party as they danced together, sang together, and formed a beautiful friendship. Elsa (Robert) also chose to use this situation to teach Leyana a lesson and it’s that happiness can be found even when you’re on your own.

“I wasn’t kidding when I told you that every princess is smart, and brave and kind and you are all of those things.

“People get so busy, but to raise the expectations of a child and not deliver on that promise … just be there. Be there for the kids in your community. Be there for each other.”

It may have been upsetting to Leyana when no one showed up to her birthday party, but she may have ended up having the best one imaginable.

Her mother tried to explain to her that it was a holiday weekend and people were on vacation or that the flu had been going around. Still, any 7-year-old would find that hard to understand when they had been looking forward to something so much.

Birthday parties are something that many adults try to forget about as they get older, but children see them as moments to enjoy with family and friends. When little Leyana prepared for hers, she was simply hoping to have fun with everyone from her class, but no one showed up and it made her so upset. Fortunately, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen arrived to make her day better and to show Leyana that she is a great person and still so loved.