Chelsea DeBoer Shares Hilarious Aubree Joke After MTV’s News Release About Firing

Chelsea DeBoer Teen Mom 2

Chelsea DeBoer has been the only Teen Mom 2 star to remain quiet about all of the drama that has played out over the past couple of days in regards to her fellow co-star, Jenelle Evans. Chelsea hasn’t released a statement herself, but she has retweeted Kailyn Lowry’s tweet, where she explains that she’s disturbed by the comments that David Eason made about transgender parents. In addition, Chelsea’s father has been outspoken about some of the comments that have been made and he encouraged MTV to do something about it. Late last night, they chose to fire David for his comments. But DeBoer didn’t say much about the entire thing. Instead, she chose to focus on her own life, something that Jenelle Evans has previously criticized.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer chose to tweet about her daughter and her funny jokes rather than comment on David’s unforgivable behavior. In the story she shared, Chelsea explains that she and her daughter had gone out for dinner and since they couldn’t eat everything, they took the leftovers with them. When Chelsea put the food in the car, she put it into Watson’s car seat, possibly to avoid the food spilling out during the drive. And that’s when Aubree made her funny joke.

This selfie Aubree took on the iPad cracks me up ???????? #goofballs

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“Aubree and I went to dinner with my friend tonight and I took the leftovers, set them in Watson’s car seat for the drive home and Aubree goes ‘mom, now we SERIOUSLY have a food baby,'” Chelsea explained in a tweet, adding in a separate tweet, “She seriously cracks me up all the time with her little jokes lol.”

Of course, fans love hearing what Aubree has to say when she’s not on television. She’s been a huge part of Teen Mom 2 for years, as Chelsea was single for years. Her storyline was all about how she was parenting little Aubree. Now that she’s a big sister and getting older, it sounds like she’s learning how to say funny things to make her mother laugh. Plus, one can imagine she enjoyed being out with her mother now that Watson had taken so much time away from Aubree.

It’s also interesting that Chelsea DeBoer is choosing to focus on the positive things that are happening in her life rather than David Eason’s firing. Perhaps this is a nice way to say that Chelsea doesn’t care what happens in Jenelle Evans’ life after she served Chelsea with a cease-and-desist order late last year.