Was Jeremy Calvert Pushed To Support Leah Messer In Getting David Eason Fired?

Rick DiamondGetty Images for CMT

Jeremy Calvert was once a big part of the Teen Mom 2 family, as he met Leah Messer several years ago. The two got married and had a daughter together, but it sounds like they have a great co-parenting relationship after their divorce. Since they are friends, Jeremy tends to pop up on Teen Mom 2 once in a while, despite his comments about not wanting to film the show regularly. After he learned that David Eason had spoken out about homosexual parents and the LGBTQ community, Calvert decided to support the rest of the cast in getting him out. But it sounds like he isn’t speaking out because he wants to support Leah’s efforts to get him fired.

According to two new tweets, Jeremy Calvert is now revealing that he doesn’t owe anyone anything, including Leah Messer or the MTV crew. His statement was somewhat vague, but fans believe he’s speaking out about the firing that MTV announced late last night. The network revealed they had fired David Eason after his homophobic comments. Perhaps fans believe that he should have backed up Leah Messer when she started making comments about David’s aggressive and rude behavior. Javi Marroquin has supported Kailyn Lowry’s fight in getting him removed from the show after his comments, and Chelsea DeBoer has retweeted her co-stars’ comments about getting him out of the franchise. It could be that fans are reaching out to Jeremy to show his support for Leah’s comments.

In a second tweet, Jeremy Calvert also revealed that his reaction wouldn’t have been any different if Leah hadn’t said anything. He explains that David Eason‘s comments were unacceptable and he has no interest in being around that kind of person. Of course, Jeremy hasn’t filmed Teen Mom 2 with David Eason, as the stars don’t interact with one another. Plus, Calvert hasn’t really filmed the show regularly for a few years. Instead, he went back to work after his divorce from Leah. Plus, David just filmed his first reunion special last fall, where Jeremy called in to share his thoughts about his co-parenting efforts with Messer.

It sounds like Jeremy Calvert is happy that David Eason is fired, as he doesn’t want that kind of person tarnishing the Teen Mom 2 brand. However, it’s uncertain whether he was pushed by fans to get involved so he could support Leah Messer.