Maci Bookout’s Fans Believe Ryan Edwards Was High During His Wedding

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Maci Bookout attended Ryan Edwards’ wedding to Mackenzie Standifer during Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Maci wanted to support Ryan, as she knew it meant something to Bentley that they were all together to celebrate. These two have been able to be in the same room for years, but Ryan’s drug issues rattled the co-parenting relationship, as Bookout didn’t feel comfortable letting Ryan drive around town with Bentley after he was caught driving under the influence on the show. When Ryan and Mackenzie Standifer got married during Monday’s episode, fans were happy for them but there was also an odd atmosphere at the wedding.

According to a comment on Bookout’s Instagram post, Maci Bookout‘s fans seem to believe that Ryan was high at his own wedding. Before he met her at the church, Ryan had some alcohol with his friends. While this may not be something to take note of at a regular wedding, Edwards’ past issues with substance abuse made fans feel uncomfortable. As it turns out, some people believe that Ryan was high when he got married, as he seemed distant. He hadn’t prepared his vows to Mackenzie and he didn’t seem like he really wanted to do the whole reception afterward.

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“Omg watched last nights episode and Ryan and Mac’s wedding, I almost cried for Bentley because I saw Ryan looking like he’s on some kind of drugs again. Maci you keep that beautiful little Bentley at a distance from Ryan. It’s definitely not good, I’m praying for Bentley because he is such a good little boy. Why doesn’t Ryan open his eyes and see he needs to clean up his act for Bentley of all people,” one fan wrote while others wrote comments like, “Just the episode from last night and daaaamn. Mackenzie might be a snake but no one deserves that wedding. I feel bad for her. Of all days he could get drunk and ask about money he chose that one,” and “Because Ryan is such a catch, always high. She’s just worried about her son and she should be. Ryan is a freak show and Maci would have nothing to do with him if it wasn’t for her son.”

It’s also interesting that Ryan Edwards kept bringing up Mackenzie’s spending at their wedding. While their family and friends were celebrating their love, he was worried about her spending thousands of dollars on their wedding. MTV caught a conversation of them talking about how she had spent $5,000 in just a few days. It seemed odd for viewers that he would make a big deal out of her spending just days before the wedding. It also seemed highly inappropriate for them to argue about it after their first dance.

Maci Bookout decided to stay out of the drama and she didn’t say anything about it on Twitter or on Teen Mom OG. She told Ryan’s mother that they were fine despite Ryan’s drug issues and she didn’t want his issues to influence their relationship. Perhaps Bookout feels that his behavior and their relationship tell the entire story of Ryan and Mackenzie.