Jessica Simpson Celebrates Fitness On Instagram, Rocks Red Bikini From Her ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Music Video

Charles SykesInvision/AP Images

Jessica Simpson has decided to give her Instagram fans a slightly belated Valentine’s Day gift. Recalling her Dukes of Hazzard days, Simpson posted an image from her music video in which she rocked a red bikini.

“Anyone need a car wash? #FBF #DukesofHazzard”

As for how Jessica maintains her bikini body, she offered a clue in the caption, revealing that she had posted the picture from the treadmill (#PostedFromTheTreadmill). Simpson previously celebrated achieving her fitness goal, turning to Instagram to share her success, reported People.

And while some celebrities credit their weight loss to exclusive fitness trainers or personal chefs, Jessica told her Instagram followers that she achieves her fitness goals with just an inexpensive pedometer. Simpson feels that tracking her steps and walking regularly are the keys to her stunning bikini body.

Known as a singer and fashion designer, Jessica has two children. She revealed that “chasing them around our yard is a workout all its own.” By playing with her kids, walking on the treadmill, and heading out for long walks, Simpson achieves her goal of 12,000 steps daily, as she recently posted on Instagram.

Those steps equal about three miles every day, according to Jessica. She and her husband, Eric Johnson, enjoy “taking the kids out for long walks in the neighborhood.”

The mom of two often focuses on those long legs when it comes to her workout. Jessica revealed that she has a daily to-do list, checking off those steps when she achieves her fitness goal.

Simpson is known for designing an athletic leisure line as well as for her singing and acting. Those styles reflect the emphasis that she puts on “maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” The mom of two revealed that she has made fitness a priority since welcoming her first baby into the world.

To achieve those famous legs, Simpson walks on an incline on the treadmill. She also does lunges, lifts, and squats. Teri Ann Krefting, a trainer who works for Harley Pasternak, praised Jessica’s figure.

“She’s obviously genetically gifted with those legs!” said the fitness expert.

Jessica Simpson shows off her long legs in a short skirt.
Jessica Simpson shows off her long legs in a short skirt.Featured image credit: Tanya KeseySTAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

In response to Simpson’s Dukes of Hazzard music video, Jessica’s Instagram followers filled her comment section with enthusiasm for her bikini body. Simpson received plenty of “wow” praise, and one fan confessed remembering Jessica from years ago.

“I remember meeting you when I was 15. Still got your autograph,” wrote the fan.

In another Instagram post, Simpson encouraged her fans to follow her lead when it came to counting steps and walking for fitness. She also showed off one of her athletic leisure fashion selections, a hoodie style.

“Steppin’ in my favorite @JessicaSimpsonStyle hoodie,” wrote Simpson. “#JSTheWarmUp #12000 #ShowMeYourSteps.”

But Simpson’s fans seemed more interested in discussing her fashion than her fitness. One asked her to make beanies in other styles, while some of Jessica’s Instagram followers were content to focus on praising her “beautiful and so cute” clothes.

“Gorgeous as usual, and a style icon even when working out,” wrote one Instagram fan.

Several of Jessica’s followers also revealed that they did follow her lead when it came to her style. One offered up an “OMG” in revealing that she was sporting a “perfect” Jessica Simpson Style blue hoodie, while another added that she wore her Simpson styles “with pride.”