‘CBB US’ Spoilers: Brandi Dares Players To Say Something Bad About Julie Chen, Upsets James With Insults

Tensions rose in the Celebrity Big Brother house Tuesday evening following the nominations of two houseguests for eviction. Presumably, to ease the tension and amuse herself, Brandi Glanville asked fellow CBB US players to say something bad about the host of the show, Julie Chen, and later got under the skin of James Maslow by calling him “super cocky.”

Live feed spoilers revealed that the current Head of Household (HOH), Mark McGrath, nominated Brandi and Ariadna Gutierrez to sit on the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition chopping block.

Tuesday night at about 10:54 p.m. CBB US house time, the cast members could be seen on live feeds gathering on the back patio to talk, roast marshmallows, and drink wine. They began speaking about Julie and how great she is at hosting Big Brother when Brandi said, “I dare you to say something bad about Julie.” Almost in unison, every other houseguest shouted, “No!”

Ross Mathews noted, “I have nothing bad to say…” as a majority of the cast mates exited the patio area and went into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Brandi responded to them by saying, “Everyone’s so full of s***.”

At that point, the only CBB US houseguests left outside were Brandi, Ariadna, Mark, and James. After some small talk, Brandi, who appeared to be a bit tipsy, blurted out that if she could put any player on the eviction block right now, she would nominate James and Omarosa.

Brandi then told James she saved him twice from being booted from the game. James questioned this and informed Brandi she could have saved him from much more “socially.” She seemed confused and asked what he meant, however, James attempted to change the subject saying it was best to drop it.

On live feeds it was clear Brandi was not letting things go so the conversation continued with James eventually telling Brandi she has “poked and poked and poked” at him and been rude since they entered the CBB US house. James told her if she doesn’t see what she’s done, there’s an issue, reports Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Brandi said she likes James at times, but argued it’s hard to like him when he’s “super cocky.” James protested, telling Brandi she’s never seen him “super cocky.” He noted that he’s “excited” to evict her from the CBB US house because of the way she’s treated him throughout the game, reports Joker’s Updates.

James left the confrontation and could be seen on live feeds entering the CBB US house to vent to Marissa Jaret Winokur and Omarosa. He relayed the verbal scuffle he just had with Brandi, saying he couldn’t stay silent about her behavior. James continued by claiming Brandi “bullies, and bullies, and bullies, and then can’t take anything back.”

Marissa and Omarosa gave James a big to console him, after which he headed off to try to get some sleep.

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