Prince William Dons Leather And Picks Up Old Hobby That Fills Kate With ‘Horror’

Ian VoglerAP Images

Not only is Prince William in line to be the king of his nation one day, he has an important job right now at home as the father of two children and soon-to-be father of three. Back in the day when William was single, he enjoyed riding a motorcycle.

This is considered a dangerous hobby by some because there is nothing between you and the road. One of those folks who appears to feel that way is Kate, who was absolutely “filled with horror” when Prince William used to ride his motorbike in the days before their children were born, according to the AOL News.

It seems William “defied Kate’s wishes” recently and donned a leather biker’s jacket to hop on a motorbike and take it for a spin. He hasn’t done this since hanging up his motorcycle riding gear right before he and Kate started their little Royal Family. As AOL News reports, Prince William said how he had to put his hobby on the “back-burner because it fills his wife with horror.”

According to Leicester Mercury News, Prince William has owned two Triumph’s in the past, so he was right at home taking the new model out for a test drive. During the tour of the factory, he was even given the honor of placing a Triumph emblem on one of the bikes being built.

It looks as though he took that hobby off the back-burner for just a short time recently while visiting the Triumph factory. The 35-year-old Prince looked right at home as a biker in a leather jacket. To make matters even safer, he placed a helmet on his head before taking a new Triumph for a test drive. It is said that he donned the helmet to “appease his wife.”


It was back in 2016 when William ran into the World Superbike champ, Jonathan Rea. While they talked William shared how he had given up the hobby of riding his motorbike, which is something he enjoyed very much. Rea told reporters later how he talked with Prince William about bikes and that he gave up riding because he has little children now.


William was last seen in public riding his beloved Ducati motorbike the night before his wedding in 2011. Both Harry and William straddled motorbikes back in 2008 when they joined in a rally riding across Africa raising money for charity.

Prince William is one man that has a lot going for his future. One day, people will call him King William, but his most important job of all is that of a family man with wife Kate and his offspring. With another baby on the way, this will make William’s clan a family of five in the near future.