’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Nicole And Azan May Be Getting Married, But There Is A Chance Azan Is Cheating

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When last we left our favorite 90 Day Fiance stars Nicole and Azan at the “tell-all” reunion show on TLC, there were questions being raised about the likelihood of the two lasting for another day, let alone another season of the show, or the rest of their lives. Now, however, we have the answers to our burning questions about our girl, and it looks like wedding bells are in her future!

Alas, all is not well for fair maiden Nicole, because there’s a report that her Prince Charming — the one and only Azan — is cheating on her! And yes, there’s receipts!

According to famed 90 Day Fiance YouTuber — yes, there is such a thing — Keith Brooks, Nicole is moving to Morocco to be with her man Azan, and they came to this conclusion after Azan’s K-1 visa (the so-called “fiance” visa) was denied. And what’s more, our girl is taking her child, May, with her to Morocco!

Their plan is to have Nicole marry Azan so the couple can obtain a CR visa, which — according to the US Department of State — is the visa that’s granted to the immigrant spouse of an American citizen.

Nicole’s co-worker took to Instagram to announce that the 90 Day Fiance star had her last day at Starbucks recently.

Someone sent this in. Wonder if it’s true?!???? If it is, hopefully it’ll be on #90dayfiance???????? Regardless, wishing her the best

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But all is not well for the future Mrs. Azan Tefou. According to Keith, he has access to bombshell voicemail recordings that prove, definitively, that Azan was cheating on Nicole throughout the entirety of their relationship.

At around the six-minute mark in Keith’s video — which you can see above — you can hear Azan talking dirty to another woman that’s clearly not Nicole. Allegedly, Azan was making these calls last season, while Nicole was sitting in the hotel room in Morocco with May. Naughty, naughty Azan!

Keith also promises that he’ll have more 90 Day Fiance bombshells — including more of Azan’s risque voicemails, and allegedly with more women than Nicole knows about — next week.