‘Teen Mom 2’: Adam Lind Arrest Warrant Issued, Reports ‘Radar Online’

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Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has yet another warrant out for his arrest. The reality TV dad, who has two children, daughter Aubree with Chelsea Houska and daughter Paislee with Taylor Halbur, could find himself behind bars again if he doesn’t pay the piper.

According to a Feb. 20 report by Radar Online, Adam Lind is behind on his child support payments, which prompted the arrest warrant. The warrant is reportedly for $2,025, but Lind is said to be over $16,000 behind in his child support payments for Aubree and Paislee. However, the current warrant was issued in his case with Taylor Halbur over little Paislee.

The Teen Mom 2 dad is currently ordered to pay Taylor Halbur $500 a month for Paislee, and he is obviously behind on the payments. The current payments are currently much lower than they used to be. In 2017 he was paying over $1,200 for Paislee. However, Lind’s income may have had something to do with it. Adam is no longer appearing on the MTV reality series, which means he is no longer being paid by the network.

Meanwhile, an insider claims that Adam Lind has not seen his youngest daughter Paislee since August. The source also claims that the former Teen Mom 2 star doesn’t call or check in to see how his daughter is doing, and that Paislee currently isn’t seeing anyone in Adam’s family, unlike his other daughter, Aubree, who spends every other weekend with Lind’s parents.

Last year it was revealed that Adam Lind had failed a court ordered drug test when he tested positive for meth and was later arrested in November for domestic assault against an ex-girlfriend. That same month, Adam’s former fiance, Stasia Huber, filed a restraining order against the Teen Mom 2 star. The judge granted Huber a order of protection against Lind for the next five years.

Adam Lind’s life has been mostly a mystery to fans, especially since he quit Teen Mom 2. Chelsea Houska will sometimes talk about his relationship with Aubree on the show, but mostly Houska is busy spending time with her happy little family which includes her, Aubree, her husband Cole DeBoer, and baby boy, Watson.

Teen Mom 2 will return to MTV with new episodes later this year.