Jeremy Calvert Breaks His Silence After Jenelle Evans Mentions Infidelity In His Former Marriage

Rick DiamondGetty Images for CMT

Jeremy Calvert is Leah Messer’s ex-husband and his name surfaced during Jenelle Evans’ interview this weekend, where she revealed she was texting with him after learning that Leah had cheated. For some reason, she claimed that she was friends with Jeremy and that they were helping one another through infidelity, as Jenelle was dealing with the same thing. Messer has never talked about cheating on Jeremy, but she did admit to cheating on Corey Simms with her ex-boyfriend before their wedding. Now that Calvert has learned about Jenelle’s interview, he’s breaking his silence. This morning on Twitter, Calvert revealed that Jenelle and David Eason need to take responsibility for their actions.

According to a new tweet, Jeremy Calvert is also revealing that he thought it was completely insensitive for them to speak out about their fascination for guns just hours after a shooter decided to target a high school in Parkland, Florida. Jeremy reveals that he knows he has said things that may have been inappropriate, but he claims he would never post anything that is so insensitive as a photo of guns right after a school shooting. In his Twitter rant, Jeremy also pointed out that MTV tried to get him to sign something and he also suggested that the show should end to avoid any more drama.

It’s interesting that Jeremy Calvert is speaking out now, as the interview aired this weekend. In addition, it’s also interesting that he feels the need to address Jenelle Evans’ comments as he doesn’t care about the Teen Mom 2 family anymore. These days, he’s trying to distance himself from the show and he doesn’t want to film the show full-time. That’s backed up with his tweet, where he suggested that MTV shut down the entire show. As for his public comments about Jenelle Evans and David Eason, Jeremy reveals he hopes he gets a cease-and-desist letter from his former co-star for his comments. He doesn’t seem to take her very seriously.

Jeremy Calvert isn’t filming Teen Mom 2 these days, as he doesn’t have an interest in showcasing his life on the show anymore. Ever since he and Leah Messer divorced, he has only filmed a few scenes.