‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel Will Focus On Jax Teller’s Father, Katey Sagal Talks Young Gemma Teller

Kurt Sutter has big plans to expand the Sons of Anarchy universe. Along with the upcoming spinoff, Mayans MC, Sutter plans on releasing two more shows related to the original series, including a prequel about Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) dad and mom.

According to Digital Spy, Sutter recently talked about his plans for the prequel while his team gears up for the premiere of Mayans MC this fall. The Sons of Anarchy creator revealed that he envisions four distinct chapters in his biker world.

Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC are the first two chapters while the prequel will be the third. While Mayans MC will focus on events that take place after Jax’s death, the prequel would be crafted to tell the story of the original founding of SAMCRO.

Sutter explained how the prequel would explore the First 9 and how John Teller and Piney Winston started the club after returning to America from Vietnam in the 1960s. Each episode would feature a new member joining the club and even include John’s romance with Gemma Teller. Sutter doesn’t want to go any further than Jax’s birth to avoid getting into the original series.

While the casting process is still not even close to starting, Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal has given her two cents about who might portray Gemma as a young woman.

In an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2015, Sagal was surprised when asked about a younger actress playing her character, but she did offer a little insight into how it might play out.

“Oh, wow. No one has ever asked me that. Oh my gosh. Who would do a young Gemma? I think it would be—she’d have to be 18,” Sagal shared. “The prequel would take place when John Teller and Piney were just coming back from Vietnam. He met Gemma when she was 18. I don’t even know—some young hot chick. Who do you think?”

She went on to say that she was sure her husband, Sutter, would “find some young thing” to play a young Gemma Teller.

Sutter has not said anything about when the prequel might premiere. Right now, Sutter is busy working on Mayans MC, so anything that comes after will depend on the success of the spin-off.

If all goes well, Sutter plans on starting the prequel as well as another spin-off, which would focus on Jax’s sons, Abel and Thomas. That series would take place at some point in the future and explore how Jax’s boys deal with his legacy.

In the meantime, Mayans MC is set to premiere on FX this coming fall. The Sons of Anarchy spin-off is set in Southern California and will explore the dynamics of SAMCRO’s longtime rival, the Mayans.

The series will mention Jax’s final actions, but Sutter will not dwell too much on the events in the original series. Whether or not we’ll see a few familiar Sons of Anarchy faces (aside from Emilio Rivera’s Marcus Alvarez) in the spin-off is yet to be seen.

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