Passenger Films Woman Shamelessly Drying Soggy Underwear On Plane Air Vent, Leaves Passengers Puzzled


A passenger onboard a commercial flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow shared a shocking video of a woman shamelessly drying her underwear on the plane’s overhead air conditioner.

Filmed on a packed Ural Airlines flight, the unidentified woman can be seen holding up a pair of white panties above her head, using the air vent to dry it.

The one-minute clip, which was taken a few seats back, showed the woman flipping her undies over now and then to ensure they were fully dried. According to the Daily Mail, the brazen passenger held her underwear beneath the air vent for a good 20 minutes.

The woman did not seem embarrassed with her panty-drying ventures, despite the fact that the commercial flight was jampacked with fellow travelers.

And while passengers who witnessed the inappropriate act were left puzzled and disgusted, none of them said a word to the woman or the flight’s crew. One eyewitness told the outlet that “everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent.”

The viral video quickly drew mixed reactions online, according to Express. Some people are defending the female passenger, claiming that it’s not a bad way to multitask during a long trip. Others even pointed out that the underwear looks like they belong to a kid, suggesting that the woman might be a mother who needs to dry her child’s undies.


Of course, there were some who were less than impressed with her behavior, arguing that it’s not best place and time to dry her panties.

It remains unclear why the woman decided to dry her underwear on the plane’s air vent. The airline has yet to comment on the viral video as if this writing.

The shocking incident comes just a week after a young child was filmed throwing a massive tantrum on an eight-hour flight. The video, which quickly became viral, showed a 3-year-old boy climbing on seats, running through aisles, and screaming on top of his lungs.


Shane Townley, a New York City artist who documented the nightmarish flight, described the boy as a “demonic child.” Despite the disturbance, Townley said he had not filed a complaint with the airline.

However, he assumed that someone else surely did as the entire plane was affected throughout the eight-hour flight.