Allison Janney Responds To Kate Middleton’s Green Dress At BAFTAs

In support of the Time’s Up and the #MeToo movements, both of which aim to bring awareness to sexual abuse and sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, actors and actresses have been wearing black to awards shows to show solidarity.

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards brought a stream of black on the red carpet, and viewers expected to see the same sea of black at the BAFTA awards in London on February 18. And while the unity was strong at the awards, viewers saw Kate Middleton’s green Jenny Packham dress as a sign of non-support. The overall response wasn’t positive, but I, Tonya star Allison Janney had some kind words.

The uproar over the color of the duchess’s dress even made its way into the winner’s room at the BAFTAs where Janney, who won an award for Best Supporting Actress for I, Tonya, was questioned about the royal’s color choice for the evening. Taking time out from celebrating her win, Janney kept a cool head, and her response was both classic and kind.

“I would never judge anyone’s choice of clothing. She looked absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy for them that she’s pregnant again. She’s an extraordinary woman. And she can wear whatever she wants.”

Whether or not the West Wing actress knew that royals are forbidden from making political statements and that a black dress is usually reserved for mourning in the royal circles, Janney took the high road, and, for the most part, viewers agreed with her. Many took to Twitter to express their dismay that Kate Middleton was being called out and some made strong points of their own.

Kate Middleton at Baftas

“I’ve seen an awful lot of vitriol being directed towards Kate Middleton for her choice of dress at the . Her outfit was as black as she could get without her breaking royal protocol and shaming her and any other woman is surely the antithesis of the MeToo campaign.”

The Mail’s Royal correspondent, Rebecca English, said in a tweet that Kensington Palace declined to comment on Kate Middleton’s choice of clothing.

Allison Janney has also won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Tonya Harding’s mother, LaVona Golden, in I, Tonya. The Oscars will be held on March 4 in Hollywood.