Kate Middleton Receives Backlash At BAFTA, Yet Green Showed ‘Clear Message’ Of Time’s Up Support

Chris Jackson Getty Images

Kate Middleton has received backlash on social media for wearing dark green, not black, when she attended the BAFTAs with Prince William on Sunday. Contrary to the backlash, Kate did indeed support the Time’s Up movement by breaking from her usual palette and using color as a symbol, yet still abiding by royal protocol.

Accord to the Metro, royals wear black for mourning. However, the main reason Kate could not wear black is because the members of the royal family are not elected officials, nor are they even allowed to vote.

In 25 years time, her husband, Prince William, will surely be king, meeting with the prime minister each week, and signing off on bills.

Royals must remain neutral. Thus, she can only communicate through symbols such as color.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Kate’s choice of wearing a dark-olive green, bespoke Jenny Packham dress “did at least nod to the cause without making a full statement.”

The fashion publication states that Duchess Catherine’s dress was in green, the Suffragette color for “hope.” Her stunning necklaces were made of emeralds, worth over a million dollars. Emeralds “represent compassion, harmony, hope and mercy.”

As her dress was bespoke, her black band around the smallest part of her torso is believed to be intentional, as was her black purse and shoes.

Many of the social media comments were quite unflattering to Kate Middleton. Some posters were mad, while others expressed disappointment. Some even insinuated that Meghan Markle would have worn black.

Sal wrote, “Dear #KateMiddleton your time is up! A black belt? Seriously? We’re ready for our new role model in Meghan Markle! #BAFTAs2018.”


It should be noted that this royal protocol also pertains to Meghan Markle, who is engaged to Prince Harry. Once the two became betrothed, the Suits actress has been required to follow the same royal protocol. For example, soon after her engagement, all of her social media sites were taken down.

Nikki Long put in her two cents worth, expressing her disappointment that Kate didn’t choose to wear black because she feels this was not a political statement, but a female statement.

“Disappointed in #KateMiddleton #DuchessofCambridge not wearing black to the #EEBAFTAs Its not a political thing. Is a woman thing! #TimesUp #StandTogether.”


Fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo used their extensive fashion knowledge and years of watching the Duchess of Cambridge dress to explain how Kate Middleton “thinks.”

“Cathy Cambridge didn’t do #TimesUp black for the #BAFTAs, because that’s not how a royal thinks.”


On their critique of “Cathy Cambridge,” their humorous nickname for Kate Middleton, the savvy bloggers first examined how Duchess Catherine normally dresses and then explained why her green Jenny Packham dress is more than a compromise. This is a “clear message.”

“She didn’t show up in all black, but she showed up in a somber color with black accents. From her perspective, someone who dresses plainly, in a small range of flattering colors (mostly blue and red, which are, not coincidentally, also patriotic colors), this is a stark contrast; a clear and obvious message of solidarity with the veneer of neutrality.”

The fashion bloggers also pointed out that Kate always refers to her grandmother-in-law in how she conducts herself, and Queen Elizabeth is strictly neutral, and so is Kate.

In their eyes, Kate’s only fashion faux pas was that the greens of her dress and her emeralds clashed.

Weeks prior to the February 18 British Academy of Film Awards, women attending were sent a letter requesting that they wear black in support of Time’s Up. This is a political organization against sexual harassment and sexual discrimination.