Fans Praise Jinger Duggar’s Husband Jeremy Vuolo For Getting ‘Daddy Practice,’ But Beg Him To Regrow His Beard

Jinger VuoloInstagram

Duggar fans are pretty positive that Jinger Duggar and her husband, Texas pastor Jeremy Vuolo, are going to make great parents. However, some of the couple’s admirers do not approve of Jeremy’s recent daddy makeover.

On Sunday evening, Jeremy Vuolo made his Instagram followers melt by sharing a photo of an adorable acquaintance. According to the Counting On star, he and Jinger Duggar invited some friends from out of town to visit them for the long President’s Day weekend. The group of guests currently staying at their Laredo, Texas, abode just happens to include a cherub-cheeked little girl.

The tiny tot is sitting in Jeremy’s lap and sucking her thumb in his social media snapshot, which was taken in Jeremy’s office. He wrote that his new “study buddy” was helping him prepare a sermon.

Many of Jeremy Vuolo’s followers responded to his post by suggesting that he’s getting “daddy practice” by spending time with his friends’ daughter. The consensus seems to be that he’s going to be a wonderful father when he and Jinger Duggar become parents later this year.

“So sweet, you’ll be the best daddy, just like you’re the husband a girl could ever ask for. Lucky Jinger,” wrote one fan.

“Wow! Good Daddy practice too. You look so natural with kids,” another commented.

Other fans couldn’t help but notice that the little girl isn’t the only one with a baby face in the photo below. As you can see, Jeremy has bid farewell to his facial hair.

Some commenters let Jeremy Vuolo know that they think he looks good with a flesh-colored chin, but others responded to his new look by begging him to grow his beard back. The Duggar husband also received a mixed review from a fan who remarked that he looks like a “handsome potato.”

“Grow that beard back please!” wrote one of the Counting On star’s followers.

“Grow the beard back!! So handsome with it!” another remarked.

Some fans asked Jeremy whether he plans on keeping his clean-shaven look for a while, but he hasn’t responded to their queries. They’ll just have to wait and see which version of his face will be the one that his baby first sees. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he and Jinger Duggar are expecting their little one to arrive sometime in July.

Luckily, Jeremy Vuolo won’t be completely clueless about caring for a kid when he becomes a father. He also gets occasional parenting practice by interacting with his nieces and nephews, and he’s fortunate that his wife is a parenting pro. Jinger Duggar practically helped her mother raise some of her younger siblings, so dealing with a screaming infant and changing dirty diapers won’t be new experiences for her.

Jinger doesn’t spend as much time with her younger family members back in Arkansas now that she has moved to Laredo, Texas, but Duggar fans will get to see a happy reunion or two when Counting On returns to TLC on February 26.