Justin Theroux’s Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Warned Jennifer Aniston About Him, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux made headlines last week when they released an official statement announcing that they are parting ways after seven years together. While some of their fans are sad about their breakup, others were thrilled with the idea that she might reunite with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. In the statement, the former couple said that they are still looking forward to maintaining their relationship as good friends despite their breakup. Of course, people were surprised when they officially announced their separation, but there is one person who wasn’t even shocked by it.

Stylist Heidi Bivens dated Justin Theroux for 14 years, and a source close to her told Radar Online that she had warned Jennifer Aniston about the actor-producer, suggesting that he is a “free spirit” person. What’s more is that she reportedly told Jen that she can’t have him for good, something that makes the insider believe that the stylist’s suspicions were right. The source went on to say that The Leftovers actor hates Hollywood and had no plans to settle there.

The insider added that long before Theroux met Jennifer Aniston, his relationship with Bivens has been in trouble for quite some time because of his devotion to his career.

“You won’t have him for good.”

The source also said that while Theroux is a great actor, he can get very intense and difficult to deal with. So, he turned to Jennifer Aniston as he thought she would be more understanding about the nature of his job and found it painless to muddle through the difficult relationship he had with the stylist. However, they have had their own marriage issues that they failed to fix, which prompted them to lead separate lives.

Despite their breakup, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux still spent the New Year in Mexico with their longtime friend Jason Bateman and his family. What keeps fans buzzing is that the former couple also met on Valentine’s Day one last time, according to an insider close to the actress who recently told People. On that most romantic day, they decided to officially announce their separation the following day although Jen was reluctant at first as she wanted to keep things private.

The former couple released their official statement to The Associated Press about their breakup through Jennifer Aniston’s publicist Stephen Huvane.

Before she met Theroux in 2011, Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt, 54, for five years until they divorced in 2005.

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