Liam Payne And Cheryl Break Up Rumors: ‘Daily Mail’ Reports Liam And Cheryl Are Desperate, On The Rocks

Cheryl and Liam Payne’s romance is on the rocks, according to the Daily Mail. It’s been less than a year since Cheryl and Liam were overjoyed to welcome their baby boy, Bear, into their lives, but now they are on the outs. Having a baby can add a lot of stress to life, and the couple is struggling to get through it.

Insiders say that the split could happen within weeks. They are going through a rough patch and bickering constantly, to the point that friends don’t think they’ll make it work.

There is still some hope for Payne, 24, and Cheryl, 34. Even though they can’t seem to stop fighting, some sources say they both want to find a way to stay together and be happy with baby Bear.

According to Hollywood Life, Liam is the one who really wants to keep trying. A Cheryl insider insisted that the new mom is sick of dealing with being a single mom while Liam focuses so much on his career.

“Cheryl is ready to walk, but Liam wants to try and resolve their problems, he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.”

Some insiders say that Liam Payne will do anything to keep alive his relationship with Cheryl.

The story is that Liam understands that Cheryl thinks they’ve “grown apart,” but he wants some time to fix things before she walks away. Liam is certain he can do better, according to the source, who said that “Liam is willing to do just about anything to win back Cheryl.”

The Mirror shared that another Cheryl insider claimed the “Fight for this Love” singer is the one fighting to hold onto the relationship. Liam is pouring all his energy into building his solo career, and Cheryl feels left out.

But friends think both Liam and Cheryl wish that they could find some of the old spark. They are said to be devastated at how bad things have become.

Both Liam and Cheryl want to do whatever it takes to make sure Bear is happy, and that includes making the effort to get through the rough patch in their relationship, according to the Mirror.

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