February 18, 2018
Tom Cruise: Star's 'Scientology Bride' Shares More, According To 'New Idea,' Insight To Katie Holmes Marriage

Tom Cruise has earned a reputation as the most famous member of the Church of Scientology and is rumored to have sacrificed his marriages to leading ladies, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, for the controversial faith. A faith that supposedly ensures to take full involvement in the selection of the bride's of their most famed member, one woman who was handpicked as a Scientology bride for the star has spoken up on the issue.

Norwegian born beauty, Anette Iren Johansen, is yet another witness to the methods used by the faith to select a bride for Cruise. Johansen claims that she was one of many women who "auditioned" to be Tom's wife back in 2004 and 2005, ahead of the action star meeting Katie Holmes.

Anette shared more details recently about the questions she was asked regarding her background and her ties to Scientology, stating, "They asked me so many questions about my life, my family background, everything I'd ever done in Scientology," as New Idea relays.

After her audition, Johansen received a call from a member who was reportedly close to Tom Cruise and the selection process. During the call, Anette was told they had more private questions to ask her.

"He said it was regarding my audition and that he needed to ask me some very private questions. He asked 'Do you have any sexual perversions?,'" Johansen recalls, to which she replied, "no." Anette claims that after that conversation she never heard back again.

A former member of Scientology has confirmed that such bizarre questions are definitely those asked by members when auditioning women to be a next bride. Marc Headley confirmed this while chatting with the Star, stating that such questions were "the exact same ones that they were asking the other girls."

Anette spoke of the embarrassment she now feels following the audition and the uncomfortable line of questioning, while also relaying how badly she feels about what Katie Holmes endured during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

"There are many people who have walked away from Scientology remaining silent. It has been embarrassing, but I've put all that behind me and decided to be open about it. What happened to Katie is terrible."
Additionally Johansen speaks about how she perceives Cruise, indicating that in her own view, the star seems entirely "cult-minded," stating that she is very happy to have not been matched with Tom Cruise ahead of his meeting with Holmes.


Although neither star has spoken on the allegations regarding the demise of their marriage, many insiders have offered a window into the role that Scientology played in bringing the relatonship between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to an end. Marriage rules that were imposed, and strict plans for their daughter, Suri's, future, are said to be the reasons for the split, as the Mirror relays.