Elephone U Pro: China’s Version Of Samsung Galaxy S9 Has Impressive Battery Life

Jason KempinGetty Images

A smartphone mimicking the Samsung Galaxy S9’s flagship design, Elephone U Pro, is already out and the reviews reveal impressive performance.

Elephone, a China-based smartphone company, proved yet again how quick they are when it comes to releasing the latest smartphones inspired by Samsung. Back in September, the company released Elephone S8, patterned after Samsung S8.

The Elephone U Pro was supposed to be called the S9 based on its main source of inspiration. However, the name changed at the last minute. Changing the name of their new release could be a clue that the company wants to outgrow its reputation for producing knockoffs and be known as a legit brand.

A review from the South China Morning Post details the features of the product which is apparently a copycat of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Although the new flagship phone from Samsung is yet to be released, leaks about the next flagship phone from the South Korean tech firm revealed several details about what the handset will look.

Elephone U pro was able to copy the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 down to the rounded display corner and slim bezels. The layout at the back is also similar to the S9.

Best Features

The Elephone U pro runs on Snapdragon 660 while Samsung S9 is rumored to be using Snapdragon 845 which happens to be more powerful. The handset will also run with the latest Android 8.0. The traditional Android buttons are no longer present in the Elephone U Pro, and users can navigate using swiping gestures at the bottom of the screen.

Based on benchmark tests U Pro performed on par with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the best phone of 2016. Battery life is also impressive for the Elephone U Pro. The battery lasts with 30 percent life at the end of the day. As noted in the review, the 3,550 mAh battery is among the most powerful among recent releases beaten only by Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Elephone U Pro Specs

Elephone U Pro comes with a 6GB RAM and a 128GB ROM. The camera supports 10 points multi-focus and focus flash on the 13MP+13MP double rear camera and the 8MP front camera. The handset supports quick charging and wireless charging.


The 5.99-inch phone has a 3D glass design and an AMOLED curved screen. The handset also comes with a Face ID and a fingerprint sensor. Handsets are available in four colors: black, blue, red, and grey.

As for the price, the U Pro retails at $420 although promotional discounts can knock a few dollars off the tag. This price is higher than most China-made phones, and it seems like the company designed the handset for people looking for a more budget-friendly copy of the S9.

While the Elephone U Pro caused quite a stir, the public is still anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which might retail for more than $1,000.