Melania Trump Told To Start With Her Husband In Blow-Back From Tweet

An 'act of kindness' conjures up blow-back for Melania.

Melania Trump backlash over tweet Florida school shooting
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An 'act of kindness' conjures up blow-back for Melania.

Donald and Melania Trump embarked on a visit to a Florida hospital on Friday, meeting with doctors and their patients who were the victims of the horrendous Florida school shooting. Their trip was filled with controversy from the get-go and Trump was slammed for some of his actions.

Folks had something to say about Trump skirting the topic of gun control brought up by a reporter and they were in dismay over his wide grin and thumbs up during his trip. This was seen by some people as very inappropriate for the situation at hand. Melania Trump remained by his side, apparently supporting her husband’s endeavor to show that he cares.

Melania was able to skirt criticism while on-site at the hospital, but she was seen as a woman acting very stand-offish from her husband. Headlines blared describing how Trump was left holding his wife’s thumb as she attempted to thwart off his hand-holding gesture. Trump was described as acting more like he was in a campaign mode instead of a state of mourning, which was suggested by some on social media sites.

His thumbs-up and smiling demeanor were seen as inappropriate as he made the rounds in Broward County, Florida, in the wake of the human slaughter that has put a nation in mourning. Melania seemed to be safe from any of the criticism that found its way to her husband — that is until she tweeted about acting kind. Then Melania received some very negative tweets about starting at home by teaching her husband first, as seen in the tweet below.

Melania’s tweet is seen below. The power of kindness is what she is promoting, yet some didn’t see it that way and people hopped on her tweet with comments directing her to start at home. More tweets are seen below in the article.

Melania tweeted a suggestion about how people can celebrate the Random Act of Kindness Day, which was Saturday, February 17. According to AOL News, that tweet backfired. She suggested that everyone “test the power of being kind” on the day designated for random acts of kindness. The floodgates of social media opened and she was criticized for suggesting such a thing on the heels of the Florida school shooting.

Donald and Melania Trump visit Florida school shooting victims in hospital
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According to the Daily Mail, Melania was accused of being “tone deaf” with this tweet. Tweets were posted accusing Melania of taking advantage of the school shooting for a photo op and they even mentioned the recent accusations in the headlines that Trump had cheated on her, as seen posted in the Daily Mail’s article.

The backlash that bubbled up after Melania’s tweet could be seen as rather cruel in a few incidences. Comments left on her tweet encouraged her to do an act of kindness and convince her husband to resign. The act of kindness should start with her husband, many suggested on Twitter, with one comment suggesting that Melania get her husband to stop his bullying. Some of those tweets are seen below.

Not everyone was in the mood to bash Melania’s tweet, supporters thanked her for the tweet and some suggested they would follow her lead and participate in a random act of kindness. Her tweet was posted on Saturday, which was officially Random Act of Kindness Day. Here are some of the kind tweets sent Melania’s way.