Mark Hamill Scares Fans With Alarming Post About His Death

Mark Hamill used an interesting approach to assure his fans that he’s alive and well. After false reports of his death surfaced on social media, the 66-year-old Star Wars icon took matters into his own hands with a post directed at his more than 5 million combined Twitter and Instagram followers.

Mark Hamill took to social media to post a photo of himself with the caption, “HAMILL DIES: Much of Nation Mourns/GOP: Meh #DontRushMe.”

While Hamill’s photo was accompanied by the text, “Mark Hamill Alive and Well,” it also included the actor’s birth and “death” years – “1951-2018.” At first glance, some fans thought it was a real death notice coming from Mark Hamill himself.

Mark Hamill’s joke that the GOP would react with a “meh” to his death comes amid his outspoken criticism of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. But the GOP joke was lost on some confused fans who focused on the idea that Mark Hamill may have died.

Many fans commented on Mark Hamill’s “death” post to let him know that he scared them—and to ask him to never do that again. One fan wrote that Hamill scared the “sh**” out of everyone, while other followers said they nearly had a heart attack over the post.

Followers of Mark Hamill’s social media accounts know that he loves to add some humor to his posts. When one fan recently asked Mark about a photo of him on the red carpet, the actor responded with “No, that’ a Lukealike.” Hamill, who has been voicing the animated Batman villain The Joker since 1992, has also been known to read Donald Trump’s tweets in his iconic Joker voice. (See the video below.) But the beloved actor’s fans draw the line at jokes about his death.

Just one year after the death of Carrie Fisher, the death of Mark Hamill would be too much for Star Wars fans to bear. Hamill recently appeared in the franchise’s latest installment Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The actor told Rolling Stone it was difficult to tell Luke Skywalker’s continuing story without Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia by his side.

“This is not a joyful story for me to tell, my portion of it,” Hamill told Rolling Stone in December. “Then of course, with Carrie. I just can’t stand it. I thought in a way I’ll be able to process it and I’ll be OK, but it brings it all up again.”

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