Justin Theroux May Still Be In Love With Jennifer Aniston, Retains PDA Photos On Instagram

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally confirmed their split a few days ago after months of speculations that the two had already broken up. The announcement was made by the actress’s publicist Stephen Huvane who claimed that the decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. The two explained that they will continue to remain best friends even though they have parted ways as a couple.

Aniston and Theroux reportedly would prefer keeping their split private, but they decided to release a statement to avoid gossips and rumors. They wanted their fans to know the truth and not believe in fake stories. Despite the breakup, they claim to continue showing respect and love for each other. That could be the reason why the 46-year-old actor retained their PDA photos on Instagram.

Unlike other celebrity couples who have split, Justin decided to keep his PDA photos with Jennifer, including the time they celebrated his birthday together back in August. The Friends star gave him a sweet kiss on his cheek, which he shared with his followers on Instagram. The Leftovers actor rarely posts pictures of his estranged wife, which could mean that he really treasures that moment.

Justin also kept their adorable photo together taken on Jennifer’s birthday last year. That was the last time they celebrated her birthday together. According to PEOPLE, the blonde beauty rang in her 49th birthday just a few days ago with her close pals, including Courteney Cox in Malibu while her estranged husband was spotted walking his dog in New York.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux didn’t reveal the reason for their split, but there are reports that distance could have been a factor in their failed marriage. An insider told Us Weekly that the actress encouraged her estranged husband to stay in New York as much as he wants thinking that he would miss her more, but that actually doomed their marriage.

Despite calling it quits late last year, Aniston and Theroux still celebrated New Year’s Eve together in Mexico with their good friends Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka, who tried to get the two to work out their relationship and save their marriage. Jennifer and Justin may have already confirmed their split, but they haven’t officially filed for a divorce, which could mean that there is a chance of reconciliation.

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Even if they are not a couple anymore, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may seem to still have feelings for each other. During a recent interview with Architectural Design, she claimed that there’s nowhere else she wants to be than to be with her husband and dogs in their home.

Justin, on the other hand, expressed how he felt being apart from Jennifer. He told Extra that he feels horrible being away from his wife and that’s why he sneaks back when he can to make it work. The screen heartthrob also claimed that they call and text each other, but he longs for the weekend so they can have longer conversations.