Disney’s Avatar: Flight Of Passage Ride So Incredible People Will Wait Hours For The Experience

John RaouxAP Images

The Disney ride, Avatar: Flight of Passage, has been open for nearly nine months. Usually, that’s enough time for the “new” to wear off a ride and for the lines to lighten up. Not so for this one, however. What started out as a minimum two-hour wait has never lessened up. So, be prepared for a long wait. But, by all accounts, it’s worth it.

The ride is “one of the most exhilarating and impressive attractions Disney has ever built,” according to an article from Business Insider. It takes you on a 3D simulation ride on the back of a Na’vi banshee, where you swoop and soar throughout the land of Pandora and across the Valley of Mo-ara. It brings back memories of the movie for fans.

You don’t have to be a raging Avatar fan to find the ride to be a total blast. Although, being a raging Avatar fan does add to the whole experience. Having the patience of Job may also a great trait to possess. There have been wait times clocked in “at more than six hours on occasion,” says an article from the Orlando Sentinel. Amazingly, there have been “more than four million people” ride the attraction since it opened in May of 2017.

Warning: don’t watch this video unless you are ready to book a trip to Orlando now. You may find the experience too amazing to just watch.

So, how much will this adventure cost? If you’re going to have to stand in line for six hours, you might want to get there early. So, staying close to the Animal Kingdom might be an idea. The Animal Kingdom Lodge, according to the Disney World website, has a standard rate room for $395 per night, plus applicable taxes. Then, a pass for the day is $105. Add another $50 for food. Tack on an additional 10 percent for taxes and that comes to a total of a little more than $600. So, if it does take a six-hour wait to get on the ride, you have plenty of time to consider that you are paying about $100 per hour for the chance to go on this incredible ride. And, that doesn’t include what it cost you to get to Disney World in the first place. But, if you are like most people, you are happy to fork over the dough for the unbelievable experience.


After your encounter on the Flight of Passage, you may want to settle down for a little calmer experience. The Na’vi River Experience, where “plants shine in bright neon colors,” according to a story from the New York Times, is a chance to relax in a dark and cool place. It’s also where some advanced robotics might trick you into thinking you have run into the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. Sounds like a good rest after standing in line for six hours.