Kailyn Lowry Releases New Book, Says It’s An Apology Letter To Her Sons For The Messes They Were ‘Born Into’

Bennett RaglinGetty Images

Kailyn Lowry has already written three books, and she’s about the add a fourth one to her resume. This new book, entitled A Letter of Love is an apology to all three of her sons for the messes they were “born into” and the bad decisions she made in their formative years.

The reality star told Radar Online that it initially began as an apology letter only to her youngest son, Lux. But now, she is apologizing to all three of her children. She stated she feels “bad” and “nervous” about how her decisions might negatively impact them, so she wants them to know she’s working to “pick up the pieces.”

Radar Online also reported that things between Kail and her youngest son’s father, Chris Lopez, are especially messy. While she had long-term relationships with the fathers of her other children, she and Chris were on and off from the beginning. Kailyn even stated on Teen Mom 2 that she suspected him of seeing other women while they were together and before she announced her pregnancy.

According to an insider who spoke to the outlet, Lopez has yet to acknowledge paternity, which has made her withhold access to their son. As a result, he has no rights to see his infant son.

Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with her middle son, Lincoln’s father is also tumultuous. She and Javi Marroquin broke things off back in 2016. The pair then appeared on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star Edition where Kail and Javi both admitted to cheating on one another. However, fans have stated that they secretly hope the pair will get back together despite their differences.

Javi briefly dated Kailyn’s Teen Mom 2 co-star, Briana DeJesus, which caused a lot of upset and discord between the cast members of the show. It also created tension between Kail and Briana, which resulted in the two getting into spats on social media, with fans and other cast members picking sides in the argument. He is no longer seeing Briana.

Kailyn Lowry has stated that she is single at the moment and is doing just fine without a man or woman in her life. She recently admitted to dating a female friend named Dom, but it appears that was also short-lived.