German Figure Skater’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Olympic Performance Wows The Internet [Video]

David J. PhillipAP Images

One of the highlights for the men’s free skate event at the 2018 Winter Olympics wasn’t necessary a gold medal performance, but it still managed to create an immense response from audiences due to its uniqueness and its avant-garde choice of background music. Germany’s Paul Fentz entered the skating rink donning a costume complete with a golden breastplate and a golden glove that looked like Jamie Lannister’s missing hand in the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones. While Fentz had missed a couple of his landings during his performance, viewers were still quite amazed at his routine and how perfectly it went with the hit theme music.

The 25-year-old figure skater made his official Olympic debut this year as he represented his country in the team figure skating event. His performance at the men’s singles competition was his second time to hit the ice at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

For his efforts, Fentz earned a score of 139.82 for his Game of Thrones performance, which landed him in 6th place for the free skate event. Added with his score for the short program, which earned him a score of 74.73, Fentz took 5th place overall. Despite the relatively low scores, the skater undoubtedly earned a lot of new fans after his performance, which has been made apparent by the countless posts on social media praising it.

According to a report from Time, Fentz apparently planned to go all out with his performance by doing a quadruple axle at the beginning of the sequence. He apparently decided against it and chose to do a triple instead. This had somewhat paid off as a bad landing at the start of the routine wouldn’t have been a good way to start.

His composure during his failed landings and the intensity of his face during the entire routine was lauded by fans on social media, who exclaimed that his performance was “smart” and very “surprising.” Fentz’s music choice was very appropriate for his ice skating routine as it pretty much made him look like a character straight out of the Game of Thrones series running into the ice suited up for battle.