Jamie Foxx Abruptly Ends ESPN Interview After Being Asked About Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx refuses to discuss his relationship with Katie Holmes and doesn’t take lightly to being asked about their situation.

In a recent interview with ESPN, a playful interview turned awkward when SportsCenter host Michael Smith asked the wrong question. According to TMZ, Jamie sat down with the popular sports network to discuss his part in the upcoming All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game.

The game kicked off Friday night, and ESPN caught up with Jamie as he practiced on the court with other celebrities just before tip-off. The conversation was going according to plan until Michael asked Jamie if he had been preparing for the All-Star Game by playing basketball with Katie, which the couple was spotted doing several days ago.

As soon as Jamie saw the direction the question was going, he became noticeably irritated. Before Michael even finished the question, Jamie removed his headset and walked away from the camera and went right back into warming up.

Michael was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to continue on after Jamie’s abrupt exit and commented “did we lose him?” as he returned to the court. After Jamie began warming up on the court, Michael then commented, “oh you ready!”

Jamie and Katie have never officially gone public with their relationship, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from discussing their situation. The couple has been spotted by paparazzi dozens of times, but they continue to avoid the conversation.

People spotted the couple out on Valentine’s Day and reported they played basketball together in Los Angeles. This was the instance the ESPN host was referring to, and despite it being public knowledge, Jamie still avoided it.

Jamie will be playing alongside Miles Brown, Brandon Armstrong, Dascha Polanco, Anthony Anderson, Andre De Grasse, Bubba Watson, Common, Paul Pierce, Jason Williams, Stefanie Dolson, Quavo, and Win Butler for Team Clippers.

They will compete against Team Lakers, made up of Caleb McLaughlin, Jerry Ferrara, Rachel DeMita, Nick Cannon, Drew Scott, Kris Wu, Sterling Brim, Terence Crawford, Tracy McGrady, Nate Robinson, Candace Parker, Justin Bieber, and Marc Lasry.

The official NBA All-Star game airs Sunday night on TNT.