Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Showed ‘Warning Signs’ With Bel Air Home Interview, Reports ‘People’

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It may seem fitting that Jennifer Aniston is sitting alone on the cover of the March issue of Architectural Digest. Now that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced their separation, it is clear that the magazine is rife with clues that the couple was apart, according to People.

Although the couple shocked the world by announcing their separation, the revelations surrounding the process of remodeling, the photographs, and who was interviewed for the featured piece afterwards may have given astute fans clues that things were amiss in their two-year marriage.

People points out that in AD, there were many signs of the couple’s demise. One “possible sign” of the couple’s separation was that they were never photographed together.

Jen was on the cover of AD, and photographed separately by the pool and and in her office. Meanwhile, Justin was only in one photo walking in the front towards his two motorcycles.

In addition, only Jennifer was interviewed for the article, despite Justin’s participation in the remodel. That in itself was telling as well.

Although Aniston purchased the Bel Air home in 2011, when the couple first started dating, at the time they actually started the house remodel, the couple had already been dating over four years. Yet, this was a relationship challenge as Jennifer had to include him in the decision making.

“Justin definitely wanted to be involved, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to include another voice in the design process.”

Jennifer had to grow in how she personally dealt with what her home designer Stephen Shadley explained was a “give and take on both sides.”

The Horrible Bosses actress realized that she could not dismiss Justin’s suggestion, and figured out how to work with him.

“For instance, I figured out that immediately saying ‘No!’ to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move.”

People also suggested that one of the biggest indicators of the split was the magazine feature itself. They contend that when celebrity’s homes are featured in Architectural Digest, it is usually because they plan on selling their abode.

They cite that when Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were featured in the famed magazine, the property was sold to Dr. Dre about a year later. The glossy photos and detailed description are a realtor’s dream package, allowing potential buyers to check out a home without leaving the couch.

A serial home flipper, AD claims that had the Friends star not become a successful actress, she would have been an “interior designer.” She designed the couple’s Bel Air home along with her old friend Shadley, in what she describes “Old World meets New World.”


Us Weekly has alleged that Jen has already put the property up for sale and is ready to get a clean break from the past seven years