WWE Rumors: Date Set For Next WWE Draft, NXT Talents Reportedly Called Up, According To 'WrestleZone'

It looks like WWE is contemplating going back to making all pay-per-view events dual-branded to fix some of the stale-feeling nature, but what else does that entail? Making all PPVs include matches from both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live would help the fans some, but there needs to be something else. Now, the newest rumors include another WWE Superstar Draft taking place and the date seems to be already set.

Back in the summer of 2016, WWE once again split the roster in half to Team Red and Team Blue. In 2017, there was a "Superstar Shake-Up" to move around some names from Raw to SmackDown and vice versa, but it has been a while since there were any significant changes.

It has been almost a year since the Shake-Up too, and changes are apparently on the horizon once again. According to WrestleZone, a reliable source within WWE has confirmed that internal discussions are going on and that the next superstar draft will take place at the Backlash pay-per-view on May 6.

Timing it for Backlash is rather interesting as it would take place on a pay-per-view and not on Monday Night Raw as it has in the past. With PPVs rumored to go to four hours and taking place a month after WrestleMania 34, this speculation about the draft makes a lot of sense.

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According to the report, an email was sent out around WWE that Backlash would have superstars from both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Ticketmaster had confirmed that this was true by an email sent out to ticket-holders to let them know the same thing.

This change is because all PPVs will be dual-branded from that point on, but the superstar draft will supposedly happen that night. Of course, WWE has not officially said anything to confirm this and likely won't until they're ready for the fans to know it.

Even then, something could happen where they change their mind and don't hold a draft at Backlash. All signs are pointing to it, though, and there are even rumors of many NXT call-ups happening in the draft as well.

Right now, all of this should be taken as speculation and looked at as a rumor, but it does seem to be happening. WWE needs to create a spark for its current product, and after WrestleMania 34, everything is going to change. Backlash will be an exciting pay-per-view if that is when the next superstar draft takes place, and all significant events become dual-branded.