WWE News: Rey Mysterio’s Agent Says He Is About To Make A Decision On WWE Return

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Rey Mysterio made a hugely surprising WWE return when he entered the 2018 Royal Rumble match. The fans loved it, and Mysterio was one of the final six men in the match, standing alongside John Cena and Randy Orton as the old guard, facing younger talents in Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Finn Balor. His stint in the Rumble match ended when Finn Balor eliminated him, and it turned out that his appearance, like many legends, was just a one-time deal. Since then, Rey Mysterio has signed on to wrestle a match for New Japan Pro Wrestling, similar to what Chris Jericho did earlier this year. However, his agent and long-time friend Konnan was on today’s Impact Wrestling conference call (via Wrestling Inc) and was asked about Rey.

Konnan Gives Update On Rey Mysterio And The WWE

Konnan fielded a question about the recent Rey Mysterio WWE rumors. These rumors also indicated that Impact Wrestling offered Mysterio a contract. He is also reportedly returning for another season of Lucha Underground and has the match coming up for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Konnan said that Rey has a lot of options on the table right now.

Konnan said that Rey Mysterio had an incredible year, considering that he left the WWE on his terms. Konnan said that Impact Wrestling reached out to Rey and the WWE has offered him a deal as well. According to Konnan, who has served as Mysterio’s agent for a few years now, he will make a decision pretty soon.

WWE News: Rey Mysterio's Agent Says He Is About To Make A Decision On WWE Return
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What Are Rey Mysterio’s Options?

According to Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Rey Mysterio will likely not be back for the fourth season of Lucha Underground. While Lucha Underground revealed that they would allow their wrestlers to work in other areas, unlike the non-compete from before, if Rey Mysterio signs with the WWE, that won’t be possible. However, with Johnny Nitro wrestling in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, something could be worked out there.

In January, Ringside News reported that Rey Mysterio was close to signing a deal with Impact Wrestling and that travel arrangements were being made before it fell through. There was no word on what happened, but weeks later, Rey appeared at the Royal Rumble.

According to PWInsider, the deal with Impact Wrestling went south when Konnan got involved with the negotiations. Once he started working on the deal, it fell apart.

As for the WWE, Wrestling Inc reported that Rey Mysterio would join the WWE either this year or by 2019 at the latest. However, as Konnan said, it won’t be a full-time schedule. It sounds like Rey Mysterio will make his decision very soon, and fans will just have to wait to hear what he decides.