Real Reason Why Ronda Rousey Signed With WWE Revealed

After months of rumors, Ronda Rousey made her official WWE debut at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV and created a huge buzz for the company overnight. Rousey brings a great amount of mainstream exposure to WWE programming, especially heading into WrestleMania 34. WWE officials were aware of that when they signed her to a full-time deal, but it’s wasn’t clear how they intended to use her mainstream exposure.

It’s now being reported by Pro Wrestling Unlimted that WWE officials knew Ronda Rousey would be a big asset to the company to help sell tickets and events. For instance, the reason why Ronda is returning for the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV is to give the show a boost after poor ticket sales. Rousey should be helpful for situations like that, but there is one major ulterior motive for signing her to a full-time contract.

Apparently, WWE officials want to use Rousey’s mainstream exposure to elevate Stephanie McMahon into a household name outside of the wrestling business. The hope is that a feud with Ronda Rousey on the grandest stage of them all this year can give Stephanie the attention she needs to have a similar star power. If WWE officials can also convince The Rock to return for a match, that would be the perfect storm for the company.

WWE officials will use Rousey’s mainstream exposure to push Stephanie McMahon.

While Ronda Rousey is one of the most popular names in MMA history, there is no question that her status and popularity has taken a hit over the past two years. WWE officials realize that Rousey’s name is red-hot, but the WWE Universe will lose interest. Therefore, the powers that be are looking to use Rousey to elevate performers like Stephanie McMahon and other WWE Superstars are likely to follow over the coming years.

Ronda Rousey signing with WWE is good business, but a lot of her longevity with the company will depend on her booking against other WWE Superstars. On paper, she is most likely to be booked in the same style as Brock Lesnar, which will receive the same negative response from the WWE Universe. For now, the only thing Ronda Rousey needs to do is to play the foil to Stephanie McMahon, which should draw big money.

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