Matt Lauer’s Marriage To Annette Roque Reportedly Ended With A ‘Quick Phone Call,’ Claims ‘In Touch Weekly’

Scott GriesGetty Images

Annette Roque has finally decided to tell Matt Lauer that she is officially divorcing him. Sources say that she is going to have the “last laugh,” as with this divorce, she will get her freedom, “the big estate” and a good “chunk of Matt Lauer’s $100 million fortune.”

The former Victoria’s Secret print model was recently looking “relaxed and happy” while lunching in her native Netherlands, without her wedding ring. According to In Touch Weekly, who spoke to an inside source, this recent trip has been so restorative that she decided that she was done with him, and quickly phoned her disgraced husband and told the former Today achor that she was done and she was going to divorce him.

The most important detail was that Roque did not “give Matt the chance to beg and plead Annette to change her mind, like he has for years. She told him her lawyer would contact him, and then she hung up. Simple as that. She was shaking and couldn’t believe that she did it.”

To many onlookers, her decision seemed obvious. In late January, the Inquisitr reported that items were being taken out of the $36 million Hamptons home, Strongheart Manor, where Lauer has not lived since before the Christmas holidays. Lauer has reportedly been living in another Hampton property that the couple owns. All reports stated that divorce was “imminent.”

Yet, it appears that Annette’s trip back home helped her make the final decision to leave Lauer, after 19 years of marriage.

Roque, who since the scandal broke, was looking sullen and pale in the Hamptons, found that returning back to Europe, and to her loving family and friends strengthened her resolve and helped her make the huge life decision to formally leave Matt Lauer.

“Seeing her family and friends convinced her she was better off without him.”

Annette has allegedly been “crying herself to sleep” for years, as she has dealt with the years of “Matt’s infidelity and humiliation.” Every time she decided to leave, he would convince her to stay.


Yet, although she did begin to file for divorce from the former Today show host in 2006, citing “cruel and inhumane” behavior, she has been the good wife, standing alongside him. She may have stayed because of their three children, Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and youngest son Thijs, 11, and now that she is leaving him for his inappropriate sexual behavior with junior employees, she very well could be calling the shots in the divorce settlement.

What is next for Annette Roque? More than likely, she will continue to live a quiet, yet elegant life in the Hamptons until her youngest son is off to school. But right now in 2018, she may feel that she is reborn, and her life is her own once again.

“It’s like a huge weight was finally lifted off her shoulders.”

As for Matt Lauer, there have been many rumors as to what is next for him, with the most prominent one being that he will go to Hollywood and produce documentaries.