Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Episode 9 Results


Tonight, on yet another back-to-back episode of the Amazing Race, the teams fought for a spot in the finale next week. One team broke the biggest rule on The Amazing Race on this episode, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 9 results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, viewers got back-to-back episodes. During the episodes, the teams headed to Zimbabwe and host Phil Keoghan threw a twist into play again. This time the teams switched partners and ran part of the race with their new partners. After completing the leg with their new partners, the race continued and there was a Double U-Turn in play again. It didn’t factor into things, as both Henry and Evan and Jessica and Cody completed both parts of the Detour and caught up to the other teams. A singing and dancing challenge got all the teams stumped, but Eric and Daniel landed in last place and they were eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018.

First Hour

The teams made their way to the Kingdom of Bahrain, which The Amazing Race has never been to before in 30 seasons. During a connecting flight, Brittany and Lucas lost one of their passports. They ended up heading to the U.S. Embassy and getting an expedited passport for Lucas. This put them way behind the other teams. For the leg, the teams had to move 300 pounds of wood, eat local sweets, and milk cows. The other four teams completed this leg of the race before Lucas and Brittany even landed. Phil Keoghan met them and told them they were in last place and eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight. For this leg, Alex and Conor came in first place and each won $7,500.


Second Hour

For the second hour, the teams headed to the airport again and this time headed to Thailand. The show was down to the final four teams fighting for a spot in the finale next week. Viewers got to see the teams trying to catch frogs and measuring elephants, which were beyond adorable. The teams faced a Road Block, which had one team member eating scorpions and frogs, while the other team member had scorpions crawling on them. For the second leg in a row, Alex and Conor won again and won a trip to the Caribbean. Henry and Evan were the last-place team, but it was a non-elimination leg and they were safe. They will face a Speed Bump next week.

The Amazing Race 2018 airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.