2014 Corvette Images Leak Online [Photos]

The 2014 Corvette C7was set to make its first public appearance on January 13 at the Detroit Auto Show … only for the Internet to throw a predictable spanner in Chevrolet’s well-oiled plans.

Earlier today, a world-first image of the 2014 Corvette C7 was leaked by Jalopnik. The snap, taken from the pages of a forthcoming edition of Road & Track magazine and showing the car’s front end, is defined enough to reveal what Jalopnik calls a “nefarious smile” of a front fascia.

Meanwhile, the back-end of the 2014 Corvette (pictured below) will be printed on the next cover of Automobile magazine. Yet again, this has been scanned and uploaded by car blogs, many of which seem thrilled by the curves of the C7. Alex Luft at GM Authority writes:

“What we see are the lights, rear quarter panel, and lower fascia – all of which have a squared-off look.

“Just like in the front, LED lights are present and accounted for, as are the center-exiting quad exhaust pipes that have been synonymous with Corvette. And check out that C-pillar flowing into the sloping liftback! Yours truly thinks it’s sexy as all heck… but you may not agree.”

I imagine there will be some considerably bigger and shinier shots of the 2014 Corvette released after its unveiling on Sunday in Detroit. Until then, what do the petrolheads in our readership think about Chevrolet’s newest design? Let us know in the comments.

2014 Corvette Images Leak Online Rear End

[Images via Jalopnik and GM Authority]