Best Picture Nominee ‘Get Out’ Returns To Theaters For Free On Presidents’ Day

If you haven’t seen the Academy Award-nominated movie Get Out, you now have an opportunity to experience it on the big screen for free. To celebrate the horror film’s four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, film enthusiasts can head to their local AMC Theatre for a special, one-day free screening event. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions have teamed up to make these complimentary screenings possible.

Genre news site Bloody Disgusting broke the news first, and as they pointed out, the timing also enables fans to celebrate the blockbuster film’s one-year anniversary. Get Out attracted massive critical acclaim and is currently ranked by Rotten Tomatoes as one of the Top 100 Certified Fresh films of all time.

Where Can You See ‘Get Out’ For Free?

This promotion is for Presidents’ Day, so naturally, it will only be available in the United States. AMC Theatres has committed to one showing each at 55 of their locations nationwide. Some of the major cities with a participating theater include Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, New York City, Atlanta, Kansas City, Boston, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Smaller markets such as Metro Detroit will also receive an opportunity to grab a free ticket. A full list of cities has been posted online. Screenings are scheduled for 7 p.m. local time and are first come, first served. Each person may pick up one ticket in person when their local box office opens on Monday, February 19.

Horror Fans Have Even More to Be Excited About

Getting the positive attention of critics and the Academy Awards is hard enough, but doing so with a genre flick is often impossible. Not only did Get Out succeed in both areas but it turned a $5 million budget into a $257.4 million international hit.

Rumors about a Get Out sequel have been swirling for almost a year. The New York Daily News recently quoted Jordan Peele as saying that Universal Studios wants a sequel.

“It was the first thing they said, ‘Let’s do a sequel.’ I am open to it. I love the project, but I won’t do a sequel just for some kind of cash grab. If it’s right, if it feels good and I feel like I can beat the original, I’ll do it.”

Peele has mentioned several times that he wants to continue writing and directing what he’s dubbed “social thrillers.” The next film on his plate is scheduled for release on March 15, 2019, and it reportedly falls under this heading.

Director Jordan Peele at the 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Nothing else is known about it, including the title. Is it possible that this is one of Hollywood’s infamous fake-outs and the sequel to Get Out will be on the big screen sooner than anyone imagines? Even if that’s not the case, moviegoers will be treated to Peele’s latest take on the horrors within society.

Awards Season Success

To date, Get Out has garnered 167 nominations and 99 wins. The pinnacle of filmmaking success is winning an Oscar, though. Jordan Peele and the rest of the Get Out cast and crew will find out on March 4 if the Academy is ready to give a horror film the gold statue for Best Picture.

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