Donald Trump Told Husbands, ‘If You Roughen Up, It Will Make Your Marriage Much Better,’ Says Nancy Collins

Nancy Collins is a journalist who conducted what would become a pivotal and popular interview with Donald Trump for ABC back in 1994, wherein Trump admitted that he had mixed emotions about a woman working outside the home. He also confessed that he would “go through the roof” when dinner was not ready by the time he got home, as seen in the attached snippet of the interview. Now, Collins has revealed more in 2018 about Trump’s persona, with Nancy telling CNN that Trump’s notions have grown darker when it comes to women.

As seen in the video, Collins said that years ago Trump would advise husbands he knew who weren’t being treated correctly by their wives to “roughen up” in order to improve their marriages. Nancy didn’t disclose exactly what Trump may have meant by “roughen up,” but she did talk about how Trump’s funny persona seems to have grown darker over the years, a common theme expressed from those who’ve known him for decades, such as former editor Tina Brown. As reported by the Inquisitr, even though Tina recounts an incident of Trump pouring wine down the back of her dress because he didn’t like a profile in Vanity Fair that quoted ex-wife Ivana Trump disclosing the fact that Trump had a book of Hitler’s speeches, Brown still thought of Trump as harmless, but not so in later decades.

Nancy, however, gave her thoughts about Trump defending former White House senior aide Rob Porter against domestic violence allegations, even as Trump’s White House’s timeline seriously conflicts with what other officials claim they knew about the closed investigation, as reported by Vox.

Collins spoke about never hearing Donald mention his mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, very much. Nancy said that she believes Donald learned how to treat women from watching his father treat his mother like an “afterthought.” It’s all about his father, said Collins, claiming that it’s almost like Trump is embarrassed that his mom worked as a domestic upon coming to the U.S.

As for Mary’s view of her son Donald, according to the Independent, she reportedly asked his first wife, Ivana, “What kind of son have I created?” Therefore, the complex relationship between Trump and his Scottish-born mother seems to have bled onto Trump’s other relationships with women, according to Nancy. As for Trump’s playboy persona, Collins thinks that’s exaggerated because she said he is too much of a germaphobe to go bed-hopping.